Imagine your package was scheduled to arrive yesterday, the tracking number says it has been delivered, but there aren’t any signs that your package has made it home. What do you do? Should you call customer service or wait another day?

When Becky Davis’s packages didn’t arrive on time, she decided to wait a few days before calling FedEx. She told Dearly that she called the customer service line and a representative told her the packages had been left outside:

“FedEx said they ‘delivered the two packages and put them in the blue recycling box outside your apartment.'”

She looked outside and the only “box” outside her house was the recycling bin. “FedEx delivered my packages to my recycling trash can,” she laughed.

Becky Davis

Becky said her roommate had previously caught the delivery man leaving a package inside the recycling bin, but he was able to run downstairs to retrieve it:

“To the delivery man’s credit, he did leave a note for my roommate when he put the packages in the bin the first time, but we didn’t see any note for the second one. My roommate’s girlfriend definitely wheeled those packages to the street on recycling day.”

Apparently, Becky isn’t alone in her delivery woes.

Grace Atwood from The Stripe blog posted on Twitter that she found her packages inside her barbecue grill:

FedEx isn’t the only delivery service to leave packages in unseemly locations. BoredPanda reports that dozens of “delivery fails” from the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, and other delivery companies have occurred.

One UPS driver left a note for the recipient to “look up.” The package was tucked away in the covered entry of the house.


On Reddit, a UPS driver commented that it’s easier to leave a package in a hidden location than to return with the package the following day:

UPS driver here. We try to leave everything on the first attempt. Making it a paid send-again just means I have an extra stop tomorrow […] I learned my first year to not use the gas grill to hide it. They didn’t see the note and you know the rest.

A FedEx driver on Imgur wrote that the package will be delivered as long as it isn’t visible from the street.

On the FedEx website, it states that packages that don’t require a signature will be left at the front door or another secure location “if the driver believes it is reasonable to do so.”

Dearly reached out to FedEx for a comment on what are considered “secure locations,” but the company did not respond by the time of publication.

If a package is missing, FedEx recommends checking the tracking number online and then calling the customer service line at 1-800-463-3339.

Typically drivers will leave a note if a package is unable to be delivered. Recipients can leave a suggested secure location on the second attempt.

But if you find yourself searching for a “delivered” package and it’s not in front of the house, you might want to check your bins, barbecue grills, and covered entryways.

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