A woman was on a bus going to work when she realized the schoolgirl sitting across the aisle from her was in danger.


The Honolulu woman noticed something strange about the man sitting across from her. He seemed intent on touching the legs of the young girl sitting next to him. On Facebook, she wrote:

I happened to notice the [thirteen-year-old] girl trying to push his hands away from her legs cuz he [was] trying to lift her skirt.

The woman pulled out her phone and captured the man’s attempts to pull up the girl’s skirt. But she couldn’t believe that no one was intervening to help the girl. That’s when she stepped in:

I observed at first to see what’s happening and started to record him. I was waiting for someone to speak out, but no one did. So raised my voice saying, “Hey, stop it!”

She followed up by giving the man a “mean stare,” which sent him scurrying off the bus when it stopped at a large shopping center. Upset, she explained what had happened to the bus driver, then turned to help the girl:

I checked how the girl was (if she was okay or scared) and asked her if she wanted to file a complaint. And she said she gonna call her mom instead.

Determined to see the man brought to justice, but concerned about holding up the bus (and being late for work), the woman was able to contact the girl’s mother. She sent the girl’s mom the video she had taken, which allowed the mom to file a report with the Honolulu police.

She concluded with a Facebook plea to help identify the man and bring him to justice:

Please if you happen to see this man, call 911, he doesn’t deserve to be walking around and molesting minors. Let’s watch over our keikis and teach them to speak out when something is not right.

Her request resonated with a friend who had her own frightening experiences with being molested in public. The friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Dearly:

“This happened to me when I was a teenager, too. I was walking down the street about 12:30 after summer fun and this guy approached me and fondled me. I really made a scene, swore at him and yelled at him, and he ran away.”

After seeing her friend’s courageous attempt to expose a predator, she got permission to share the video publicly. As she told Dearly, she admired her friend’s willingness to get involved and was concerned for the girl. By sharing the story, she hopes it will help others speak out as well:

“I definitely want raise awareness about children speaking up, speaking out, and making a scene. Do not be ashamed.”

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