Sylvia did her weekly shopping at her local Chula Vista, California, Costco store. She purchased salmon for a family dinner she was holding on Saturday.

However, when she went to prepare the meal, she noticed something unusual on top of her fish.

Upon closer investigation, Sylvia realized that there were at least three worms “wriggling” on her Saturday dinner.

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Sylvia was revolted. She told ABC 10 News in San Diego:

“It was sick, I was sick. I was like… until now I can’t even think about it; my stomach is still like scrambling. I wish I did not see it.”

She returned the fish to Costco immediately, receiving a full refund. However, Costco declined to respond to the complaint.

This isn’t the first time Costco has kept silent during controversy.

Dearly recently reported that the market recently came under fire when Chloe Rodgerson nearly died after consuming the store’s chicken salad. Nineteen people contracted E. coli from a bad batch, but Rodgerson developed Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome, which has weakened her immune system.

The 20-year-old, faced with millions of dollars in medical bills, is suing Costco, which has not commented on the legal action.

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In addition, KRON 4 News reported that this latest incident is not the first case of consumers finding worms on their Costco seafood. In 2016, a man in the San Francisco Bay area found a live parasite on his salmon. He was issued a full refund and a warning that “parasites are commonly found in fish,” and that Costco workers constantly keep an eye out for them.

Maria Cabrera, assistant manager of the Novato, California, Costco at the time, said that she has “heard of this happening five times out of the 30 years she has worked for Costco.”

Screenshot/KRON 4 News

Since discovering worms in her salmon, Sylvia has steered clear of all seafood. However, she said that if Costco is aware of possible worms in their products, they should “put a little label on it.” Although she is avoiding all Costco seafood for the foreseeable future, Sylvia plans to continue shopping at Costco.

Regarding parasites in products, she added, “at least let the consumer know, that’s all.”

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