A woman who never thought she would be a mother is now expecting twins, thanks to her sister.

Today reports Whitney Bliesner, 34, has a rare hereditary disease called neurofibromatosis type 2.

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, NF2 centers on the “presence of slow-growing tumors on the eighth cranial nerves.” As the tumors grow, they can cause further problems for their victim.

As a result of the disease, Bliesner has gone blind in her left eye, deaf in her right ear, and has lost partial hearing in her left ear.  Further, out of fear of worsening her condition and passing on the disease to her children Bliesner underwent a partial hysterectomy, Today reports.

She said:

“I was trying to convince myself that I was OK with not having kids because there was no way I was going to afford adoption. I got married to a wonderful man almost three years ago, and once I got married the feeling of wanting a family came back strong; so I decided to look at all my options and figure out how I could go about it.”

A doctor suggested Bliesner use a donor egg with her husband’s sperm. However, she soon realized she couldn’t afford a surrogate, either. But one conversation with her twin sister, Jill Noe, in December 2017 changed everything.

Bliesner recalled:

“I was talking to my sister while we did our annual stocking stuffers and she told me she would carry for me.”

Noe didn’t have to think about it.

She said:

“She’s always wanted to be a mom and her disease has already taken so much from her. I wasn’t going to allow (NF2) to take this opportunity from her, too. She’s my best friend and I know she would have done the same for me. I really didn’t put much thought into becoming a surrogate at all. It just felt like the right thing to do. Our family is so strong and so supportive of one another, especially since Whit’s diagnosis in 8th grade.”

A second attempt of invitro fertilization was a success. As a result of them transferring two embryos, Noe is now carrying twins.

Bliesner couldn’t be happier.

The soon-to-be mom said:

“I am excited about having twins because I am a twin and I know what kind of bond my sister and I have so I wanted my kids to have that and go through life with a best friend they came into the world with just like me and Jill.”

She and her husband have decided to name their son, Rhett, and their daughter Rhenley. Noe is expected to give birth to the duo via C-section on June 6.

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Woman’s Twin Sister Helps Her Become a Mom of 2 After Neurofibromatosis Prevented Her From Having Children

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