An Arizona woman knew something was going on inside her new car when the smell became so bad she could barely breathe. But she couldn’t figure out what was stinking it up.

According to WCVB, Judi Miller described the mysterious stench she was dealing with:

“It’s like a dirty diaper that’s been sitting and just festering for months. It was the most disgusting thing.”

It got so bad that Miller had to cover her nose to deal with driving the car:

“I had a scarf on the whole time and the windows open just to be able to drive it.”

She found what looked like a rat’s nest when she started doing some digging around inside her car to figure it out:

But that wasn’t all she found. When she checked the floor of her car, she said:

“I grabbed my mat and put it outside and shook it out and the little white things started moving around.”

Maggots were taking over her vehicle.

And things only got worse when she took her car to a mechanic to get it checked.

KTRK reports mechanics used a high-tech tiny camera to get inside the dashboard to find the cause of the foul odor: a dead mouse was jammed in there:

The mechanic was just as grossed out as Miller was, telling KTRK:

“It was horrific for all of us.”

It seems he was able to see some humor in the situation, though, adding: “This is not a ‘Stewart Little Christmas Story’ right here.”

See the woman describe making her disgusting discovery below.

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