Note: this article contains coarse language which may offend some readers.

A mother came up with a sick plan to gain full custody of her three children, specifically laying out her twisted ideas to get rid of her ex-husband for good.

Rachael Leahy wanted her ex, David Leahy, out of the picture so she could raise her children on her own. So, last August, she offered a hitman $5,000 to make her problem go away.


According to Fox13, Rachael told the man:

“There is no other resolution for this other than him to be gone completely.”

The woman made detailed plans with the man she hired to get rid of her husband, offering suggestions for what could be done to him. One of those suggestions was to hand him over to people who would turn him into a sex slave:

“It would be great if a group of people all in black and hoods and stuff just grab and throw him in a van and take him overseas and make them his man bi**h.”

As WFLA reports, Rachael continued to throw out ideas on how to make her husband disappear, including ways the hitman could kill her husband:

“Something that looks accidental. Like, I mean, if he was to drown, or he was to, I love fire, just like a fire thing where he’s caught in a fire.”

Little did Rachael know to whom she was talking.


David survived his ex-wife’s attempt to end his life because the man she was trying to pay was an undercover deputy who recorded the whole conversation.

Rachael was arrested and charged for her crimes.

Following their divorce, the pair had joint custody of their children, but David was given full custody when it was determined that Rachael was abusing the children. David said the abuse began before the divorce:

“She would tie them up with zip ties, lock them to their bed, lock them in closets. This was while I was away at work.”

Her violent behavior continued after the divorce; Rachael allegedly tied the children up and locked them in the garage.


In court, Rachael’s lawyer claimed she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and mental illness from being abused as a child, and saw herself as the victim. The woman apologized to her children and ex-husband for attempting to have him murdered in such a cruel way:

“I would not do this over again. I don’t know what I was thinking at that time. I was not in my right mind, but I wouldn’t do it again. I wish I never thought that way…I wish I could take it all back.”

The apology isn’t enough for David, since he’s terrified about being murdered by someone who knows Rachael. As a result, he said he turned his home into a fortress to keep his family safe:

“We changed all the locks on the doors. We’ve got security cameras all over the house. Every time somebody hears a noise at night they’re jumping up … We know she has lots of other guy friends around. Who knows what they’ll do?”

Rachael was sentenced to 20 years in prison with three years of probation after Judge Deno Economou told her: “Miss Leahy, there are consequences to one’s actions.”

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