Oklahoma native Kristi Loyall, 25, knew something was wrong.

In 2011, she lost feeling in her pinky toe and the numbness was spreading, according to her GoFundMe.

At first, her doctor shrugged it off.

Image Credit: GoFundMe

But soon, the pain became unbearable and a bump appeared on the right side of her foot.

In April 2016, she went in for surgery to have the bump removed.

She wasn’t too worried, because doctors said there was only a 1 in 100,000 chance that it was cancerous.

But luck wasn’t on her side – she was diagnosed with cancer just days after surgery.

Warning: the following image is graphic and may upset some viewers.

In fact, her doctors said it had spread throughout her entire foot.

They recommended that she have her lower-right leg amputated, as it was the only way to ensure she would be cancer-free.

But when Kristi went in for surgery, she had a strange request for the doctor…

She asked him if she could keep her amputated foot.

She told “Inside Edition”:

“The doctor thought I was joking but I was serious and was like ‘No, I really do want it back.’”

The surgery was a success, and Loyall returned to the hospital a month later to pick up her foot, which had been sealed in a biohazard bag, according to Inside Edition.

She sent her foot to “Skulls Unlimited,” a company that specializes in removing flesh from bone for display purposes:

She told “Inside Edition”:

“I was really happy. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. My cousin’s friend had the idea of starting an Instagram and I thought it was brilliant idea.”

And so she did.

Loyall now happily runs an Instagram account for “Cancer Foot” called One Foot Wander, where she humorously poses her foot skeleton in various locations:

So far, she says that the response has been positive, and she’s happy people can get a laugh out of it.

Having the skeleton of the foot and channeling her energy into its Instagram account has helped her cope.

She told “Inside Edition”:

“I just started taking it to places and putting in it funny positions so I could make a joke about. – It makes me feel better to be able to look on the funny side of things and make other people laugh as well. Everything that comment’s says really kind things.”

The foot’s Instagram account has 5,000 followers so far.

Loyall will soon head to Houston, TX, to receive further treatments at a soft tissue sarcoma center.

She started a GoFundMe to help cover her mounting medical and travel costs.

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