Woman Calls Police on 9-Year-Old for ‘Sexually Assaulting’ Her. The Video Footage Proves Her Wrong

A white woman has apologized after surveillance video proved a 9-year-old black boy did not grab her butt.

Fox 5 reports that 53-year-old Teresa Klein made a huge scene yelling and screaming outside of a Brooklyn bodega accusing the young boy of sexual assault.

She followed the young boy, his mother, and sister outside of the deli and claimed to proceed to dial 911 on the boy:

“I was just sexually assaulted by a child…The son grabbed my a**, and she decided to yell at me.”

Klein also argued with the mother and other bystanders about how the accusation would look:

“White lady calls the cops on a black lady I get it.”

A bystander, Jason LittleJohn, posted a video of the incident to Facebook which has now gone viral and sparked a conversation over race and privilege.

The internet quickly dubbed Kein, “Cornerstore Caroline.”

The nickname falls in line with similar incidents where white people called the police on black people for what some believe are “racists” motives.

The video also shows Klein claiming to be law enforcement.

“I am a cop,” she said to the bystanders during the altercation.

However, Klein later told Pix 11 she did not make the statement:

“I did not say that, if I did say that I would be surprised.”

The deli later showed Klein a video of what happened the day she felt sexually assaulted.

The store’s surveillance video shows Klein at the counter paying for her items as the young boy walked by and his bag inadvertently brushed across her backside as he was leaving the store.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams called the incident a “modern-day Emmett Till incident.”

He said he is going to check with the NYPD to see whether Klein broke any laws by impersonating a police officer.

The NYPD told Fox 5 they have no record of receiving a call from the location and have no record of the call. The department also said they have no one by the name of Teresa Klein on their payroll.

A GoFundMe page was started for the family of the young boy. Its $10,000 goal has been surpassed and is still going.

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