In 2013, Jerry Krause’s family was told the beloved father and husband had died while flying over the coast of West Africa.

Posted by Find Jerry on Thursday, April 11, 2013

Krause, from Waseca, Minnesota, and his wife had worked as missionaries for Mission Aviation Fellowship in Mali, West Africa, from 2009-2013 before Krause joined a private aviation company in the region, according to the Find Jerry Facebook page.

During a routine flight from South Africa to Mali on April 7, 2013, Krause stopped to refuel on the island of São Tomé when he lost all contact with ground control. Investigators searched for four weeks to find evidence of a crash or a highjacking but found no clues as to what happened. No plane debris or emergency locator transmissions were ever found.

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As WCCO reports, after two months of searching, the South African Civil Aviation Authority officially declared that Krause died in a plane crash.

A post on the Find Jerry Facebook Facebook page shared that although the family was prepared to grieve for the loss of Krause, three people who did not know each other and did not know the family had decided to accept his death came forward to say they had dreams Krause was still alive.

And it didn’t stop there:

To have three people, the day after we decided he was dead, come and tell us that he is alive, did not seem like coincidence. As people of faith, we chose to believe at the end of that day that God had a plan beyond the one we knew. The first year of his disappearance, we had close to 100 individuals from all across the world share of dreams they had of Jerry.

Krause’s family refused to give up hope that he was alive.

Posted by Find Jerry on Friday, April 12, 2013

Now, four years since his disappearance, Krause’s family has announced their faith was well placed as an update on Facebook states the South African Civil Aviation Authority has removed their official report on Krause’s death because of “new evidence” and has reopened the case. Furthermore, Krause has been seen alive and the U.S. government is reportedly aware of his location.

According WCCO, based on the report’s new findings, the Krause family has been told by U.S. officials they will need presidential approval in order to authorize the U.S. Department of Defense to spearhead Krause’s rescue

The Facebook post explains in part:

…the Department of Defense has not had the correct authorization to act on this information.

We need your help. To have Jerry Krause rescued, Vice President Pence or President Trump needs to give the authorization to the Department of Defense to liberate Jerry.

The Krause family added that because of the sensitive nature of the information behind Krause’s disappearance they would not be sharing certain details about the recovery efforts with the public and media.

According to WCCO, the family stated that no group has claimed responsibility for his kidnapping and they do not know what kind of condition he is in.

Posted by Find Jerry on Thursday, April 11, 2013

For now, the Krauses are pleading for anyone with presidential or vice presidential contacts to share their story so they may get the appropriate people working on bringing Jerry Krause home.

In an interview in December 2013, eight months after her father disappeared, Jessica Krause told the Waseca County News about a “secretive” new lead she was working on to find her father:

“We’re keeping [this new lead] more secretive. We’ve gathered info that has led us to believe we’re heading in the right direction at least … we feel like the day is coming soon.”

The Krause family is asking anyone who may be able to help bring Jerry Krause home to contact them via

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