Hugh and Nichola Gwon have been married for five years. Although the couple first met in Nichola’s hometown of Sydney, Australia, the multi-cultural couple has since moved to Seoul, South Korea.

The creative couple display their love in cutesy comics that detail the quirks of their intercultural relationship as well as their love for each other.

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However, before the couple could continue building their lives together, they had to overcome one obstacle — getting pregnant.

Nichola had been through rounds of in vitro fertilization with no success. When Hugh saw what the IVF treatments were doing to his wife’s body, he decided to undergo a physical transformation as well. The 34-year-old told HuffPost:

“When I saw Nichola struggle and what her body had to go through, I wanted to do something for her. IVF is most hard for the woman. I wanted to share the burden.”

He continued:

“We had a failed round of IVF and the doctor said it was a difficult case. I was starting to get health problems from my weight, too. I thought about what I could do, and realized we might have a better chance if I were healthier.”

So Hugh undertook a fitness journey he called “his last chance,” wherein he gave himself six months to lose as much weight as he could.

Hugh vlogged the entire time, keeping himself accountable. And his results were inspiring.

However, while his end results appear as though he eased into fitness seamlessly, the journey was not an easy one.

Hugh had help from a personal trainer, exercising up to four hours each day. But compared to dieting, hitting the gym may have been the easy part.

Hugh said:

“I just tried to cut down food portions and didn’t really drink much alcohol. When socializing with friends, I had to avoid a lot of food and drinks.”

But Nichola was supportive throughout it all, cooking him healthy meals, indulging his occasional cheat meal, and tolerating the “occasional hangry moment.” Hugh added:

“I couldn’t do it without her because I was a bit grumpy sometimes, but she was understanding and patient.”

Hugh’s health kick may have been the key to Nichola’s pregnancy. In May, the couple happily announced that they are expecting their first baby.

Hugh said that having “proper goals and motivation” helped him get where he is today. Previous crash diets and workout plans failed because he had, “focused on just losing weight, not why [he] wanted to lose it.”

Impending fatherhood seemed to be a pretty good motivator.

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Of her husband, Nichola said:

“I know how hard it was for him. I’m so impressed at all the changes he’s made so he can be a supportive and healthy husband and father.”

Nichola and Hugh’s baby is set to be born this November.

To keep up with the Gwons’ journey to parenthood and follow their relationship, check out their Instagram and website.

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