Mikaa Wilkins stopped at the grocery store to get a few things for dinner at her husband’s request. As she was headed toward the express checkout, someone with a uniform similar to her husband’s happened to catch her eye.


Curiously, she noticed the person was trying to hide.

As Wilkins shared with the Facebook group The Marriage Club and later with Love What Matters, the man was “weaving and bobbing” while Wilkins stood just two people behind him in line.

By the time the man had gotten to the register, he was full-blown hiding, covering his face and stooping behind the register.

When she and the man locked eyes, Wilkins was shocked to see it actually was her husband and that he was hiding … from her:

He was TRYING TO HIDE from me!! As if I didn’t already know his secret!!

Wilkins’ husband had not been sending her flowers in secret; she knew full well where the flowers came from every week:

You see, the past two years, my husband has made a point to give me a dozen roses each Friday. I’ve always known they came from the floral dept (one day a cashier congratulated me for getting roses every week while he and I were shopping together).

However, this was the first time she “caught him in the act,” and it appeared he wanted to keep some part of the mystery behind the roses alive.

Her husband, Cedric, had been in the middle of buying his wife flowers when she busted him. Instead of approaching him and taking them on the spot, however, Wilkins chose to not say a word to her husband:

Posted by Love What Matters on Thursday, August 10, 2017

It was a part of the weekly ritual he seemed to enjoy:

When our eyes finally locked — still a couple people between us in line — we both had the biggest smiles on our faces, we laughed under our breath & didn’t say a word to each other. […]

And just like that, Cedric paid for the flowers and left the store. Although he knew his wife had seen him, he made it a point to carry out his plan.

Wilkins was no less grateful to receive the flowers even though she had seen her husband buy them. And, despite a long day under the Louisiana sun, her husband managed to remember that the flowers were still a priority. As Wilkins wrote in part:

[…] after working a 12 hour shift on a hot Louisiana day, he STILL found the energy to appreciate me. NO EXCUSES MADE!

Wilkins’ advice to other women is to appreciate the gestures of love their partners make, whatever they may be. She suggests that men keep in mind that even the smallest tokens can have the most profound effect:

Men, it doesn’t take much to show a woman your love~most of us love small gestures~Women, don’t ever reject a man’s efforts. It doesn’t always have to be white linen tablecloths and candles.

It’s important for men and women to give and receive regularly, according to Wilkins:

Women: BE appreciative•Men: BE consistent with staying consistent.

As for their weekly ritual, Wilkins explained that however it was that her husband wanted to show his affections, she would be on board:

If he brought me a rock every Friday, I’m starting a rock collection. If he wants to sell ice cream, I’m scooping however he chooses to express his love, I’m accepting.

Posted by Love What Matters on Thursday, August 10, 2017

For now, she said, it just happens to be roses.

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