Ah, date night. By the time the weekend rolls around, many parents are already lost in a dream of getting to spend alone time with their mate, perhaps over a candlelit dinner or holding hands and sharing popcorn at the movies.

But for many parents, paying a babysitter in addition to the cost of a night out can put a regrettable dent in the weekly budget.

According to a Care.com survey, in 2016 the average cost of a babysitter was approximately $14 an hour. Multiply that by how many hours it takes to see a movie at the theater or dine at a restaurant, and it’s enough for anyone to light candles over homemade pizza and fire up Netflix after the kids are asleep.

And for one dad, the cost of a babysitter was enough of a deterrent not to take his wife out for date night as promised.

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Posted by LadBaby on Saturday, July 8, 2017

As the blogger behind LadBaby Official shared on his YouTube page, when his wife complained they hadn’t been out for a date “in so long,” he protested that they couldn’t afford a babysitter:

“We don’t need date night, do we kid? We don’t need to spend money on a babysitter. We’ll get takeaway if you want.”

The British husband finally agreed when his wife made it clear that eating takeout at home would not cut it.


The husband and father of one told her:

“Go get your hair done and whatever, and come back about 8,” he said. “And we’ll go out on a date.”

“Really?!” she asked.

The following evening, his wife showed up with her hair done up and dressed for a night out, expecting to find the babysitter, Sarah, already there and her husband ready to leave:

“Where’s Sarah?” she wondered.

“Why would Sarah be here?” her husband asked.

Her husband captured the moment his glowing wife, eager for a night out with him, believed that date night was no longer going to happen. The babysitter had either failed to arrive, or her husband had canceled her because they could no longer go out.

“Oh no … No date night,” she replied. “I thought we were going out.”


Her husband, recording her reaction, explained:

“No, I said we could have a date night.”

Then, leading her through the house assuring her their child was already asleep, the father revealed what he had in mind when agreeing to “date night” the previous evening.


There, in their backyard, he set up a “date night” of their own, bringing all of their favorite things to them so they wouldn’t have to go out.

Starting with their favorite “local spot” to sit back and unwind, the woman’s husband spared no important detail.


From his wife’s favorite glass of wine:


To her love of “swanky” olives in little bowls:


He even flirted with his wife, pulling out classic one-liners, such as:

“Do you come here often?”

“Yeah, it’s the garden,” she quipped.

Knowing that his wife truly deserved a night to relax, he even brought out the baby monitor so they could keep an eye on their sleeping child while continuing to enjoy the evening together.


“What are we going to do here,” she asked him. “Play games?”

Bingo! The husband had recreated everything they could find at their favorite spot, including cards to play a pub game:


And small plastic cups for a “cheeky” game of beer pong called “pear and pong,” which the husband described as beer pong but with tiny portions:


The couple rounded out their evening with a spin on the dance floor, compliments of a smoke machine and colored lights.

There were no toes to step on or drinks to avoid spilling, as they had the entire dance floor all to themselves.


“Aw I love it! I feel like I’m at a disco!,” his wife exclaimed.


Commenters have loved this husband’s creative approach to giving his wife the ultimate “date night”:

“the man the legend.”

“I legitimately don’t know how he’s topping this one.”

“This man has more game than parker brothers.”

“I love this family.”

Some commenters stated that they wouldn’t be showing the thoughtful display to their wives for fear of looking bad:

“he’s killing the rest of us.”

“Not showing this to my wife”

“Now I have to step up my husband game.”

Other commenters think the surprise speaks volumes about their marriage:

“your marriage is outstanding”

“… 10/10 one of the coolest things I’ve seen a husband do for his wife.”

Just as LadBaby Official told his wife: “It’s the best of both worlds: date night and we haven’t got to pay for a sitter.”

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