New Jersey residents Patricia Crawford and her husband Evan Darragh were in for a “surprise of a lifetime” after Crawford learned the pain in her stomach she was feeling wasn’t food poisoning like she originally thought.

According to News 12, on March 28, Crawford said she was “up all night” dealing with stomach pain she thought was the result of food poisoning.

It wasn’t until she found herself back on the toilet later that same night that she learned she wasn’t sick, but rather, she was pregnant:

“By the time I got back to the toilet area, all of a sudden, a baby came sliding out. It was just like…’Oh, my God. What are we even going to do?'”

Crawford said she and her husband had no idea they were expecting until that exact moment. According to Romper, roughly as many as one in 2,500 women can be completely oblivious to their pregnancies until they go into labor.

As News 12 reports, the new mom never experienced any pregnancy symptoms other than an occasional upset stomach every now and then.

But as Crawford admits, that isn’t even the most incredible part of the story.

As she admits, she had spent the last year grieving the unexpected loss of her father, who passed away on March 28, 2018:

“I was kind of just getting through day by day, keeping myself as busy as possible. Just zooming around.”

She named her son William James after late father.

And not only was her son born on the same day her father passed away, but he was born at 5 a.m., the same time her father would always wake up for work.

Crawford believes her father had a lot to do with her surprise birthing experience:

“I think my sister said it best. She [said] it was like my dad came from heaven and said, ‘You will no longer be sad on March 28 ever again.’ And it’s really the best thing in the world.”

The couple said they are thrilled to be new parents even though they weren’t expecting their “perfect” son. They have been trying for quite some time to start a family.

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