Some people take — nay, need — to take naps more than others. That’s what one reddit user shared about his wife, who loves taking naps whenever she can.

Recently, he discovered his wife’s penchant for power napping may actually be an inherited trait. As he explained, he realized where she got her love of taking naps from when her family came to visit:

My wife loves to take a nap whenever possible. Her mom and grandma came to town to visit and now I can see where she gets it from! from funny

Commenters thought the family cuddle was really sweet, as brother_p noticed:

All in the same nap position, too.

PugsandDrugz said it was the “ultimate sign of trust” within a family:

My mom and I nap together all the time! It’s like when bunnies do that flop over thing — the ultimate sign of trust.

The photo was highly relatable to kthisismynameprobably, who commented on Imgur:

As a nap lover, this is my favorite picture.

It turns out that the wife’s family nap time isn’t unusual.

Cerulean_Shades shared that she naps all the time when her family comes to visit:

This is exactly what my mom, my grandmother, and I all do when they come over to visit. It’s like the utter contentment of being together again is the most relaxing thing in the world. My dogs curl up and sleep on me and my husband is the only one left awake since he’s a severe insomniac. It must drive him crazy.

Some commenters warned that the husband should be careful about posting pictures of his wife sleeping on the internet, but he later shared that she had discovered the post and was okay with it:


Now that the husband discovered where his wife gets her affinity for napping only one question remains. As datums so poignantly asked: “How can you nap without a blankie? Savages.”

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