Melanie Hollins found out some unexpected news when she went to the hospital following stage 4 kidney failure.

As WDSU reports, at 42 years old, the woman was being treated for diabetes, high blood pressure, and kidney failure. That’s when Melanie’s doctor gave her the shocking news — she was pregnant. Melanie explained:

“We were trying to get placed on the active transplant list, and that’s how we found out we were pregnant.”

Melanie did not think she was able to have any more kids, but sure enough, a baby was on the way.

The mom was shocked once again when Emily Rose Hollins was born four months premature, weighing only 12 ounces.

Melanie Hollins

She was a medical miracle.

Melanie Hollins

Melanie described to Dearly the moment she laid her eyes on her newborn daughter:

“My first thought was she is so tiny smaller than a rag doll. I have never seen someone so small but she had all 10 fingers and all 10 toes. She had a nose, ears, even girly parts. She was my baby. My little miracle.”

According to Melanie, at birth, Emily was “about the size of a Coke can.”

Melanie Hollins

A micro-preemie, Emily Rose Hollins became Oklahoma City’s Integris Baptist Medical Center’s smallest baby to be born there and survive.

Emily was small, but she soon showed everyone she was also strong. And with the help of her mother’s encouraging words, she flourished. She even taught her mother an important lesson along the way.

Melanie Hollins

Melanie told Dearly:

“Her fight and her journey has shown me to never give up and to believe. I prayed over her everyday and spoke words of affirmation over her everyday such as You are strong, you are healed, you are whole you are healthy, you are eating, you are growing, you are blessed and highly favored, you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength, and you are a Victor not a victim.”

After spending the first five months of her life in the hospital, fighting to survive, Emily was finally able to go home.

Her mother was grateful to have the doctors and nurses by her side as they watched her tiny miracle grow together.

Melanie Hollins

The thankful mother said:

“The nurses and staff have been amazing. With the nurses being here, being supportive, being positive, energetic, that helped me be able to give everything I have to her.”

Melanie credits her daughter for making her a stronger person:

“She even helped me to be braver, knowing what she’s gone through and where she is today.”

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