Vanessa O’Shea never imagined anyone would take her doormat seriously. When someone did, she just had to share.

As WFAA News reports, Vanessa bought the doormat last month as a joke. On the mat, emblazoned in bold letters are the words, “Please hide packages from husband.” She then placed it prominently at the front door of their home in Haslet, Texas.

While Vanessa has had deliveries placed under the mat, last weekend was the first time someone followed its instructions to the letter.

Ironically, Vanessa was out with her husband, Kenny, when they got a notification via an app that someone was at the door. The couple watched the doorbell video together, and realized that the Amazon driver had read the doormat note. She told WFAA:

“He was about to set it down, and then he realized.”

The driver than disappeared around the corner and did as the mat asked, ensuring the package was out of sight. 

When Vanessa and Kenny got home, they found the Amazon package. The driver had hidden it behind the furniture on the porch. Vanessa laughingly explained to WFAA that the delivery wasn’t much of a secret:

“It was a window valence for my kitchen curtains.”

Though the mat was intended as a joke, Vanessa says she’s impressed with the Amazon driver’s attention to detail. She told WFAA she wanted to find and thank him:

“I appreciate your work ethic and trying to hide it from my husband.”

Amused by the story, Vanessa shared the video on Facebook and Instagram, where it has been viewed millions of times. Most commenters found it funny as well and expressed a desire to get the same doormat.

The doormat has since sold out online.

While she didn’t expect such a big response, Vanessa has a feeling she knows what’s behind it. She told WFAA, “I think a lot of married women can relate to me.”

Eventually, Vanessa even got a chance to thank her Amazon driver in person.

She posted a photo of them on Facebook, and wrote, “We found our favorite #amazon delivery guy!! Gilberto is so humble and kind! We’re so happy to finally meet him! The world needs more Gilbertos.”

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