Sometimes life might seem like a downward spiral, and for one woman, she says she was in the eye of the storm.

Imgur user mollywho has been hit with curveballs in both her personal and professional life. Her post reads, in part:

“I’ve been juggling a LOT lately. Trying to move up the (ahem) corporate latter. Just got married. Couldn’t afford a wedding. Family is sparse. Falling out with friends, yaddadyadda.”

After coming home from a trip to San Francisco, she recalls “flopping” on her bed and crying in distress. What she didn’t notice was the surprise her husband left her on the closet mirror.

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What she saw turned her tears of sadness into tears of joy — a list explaining why her husband loves his wife.

“I’ve been depressed lately. Thankfully, my husband seems to get the whole ‘For better, for worse’ thing.”

The woman, who says her husband has had to deal with sometimes cruel and hateful words toward him, has stuck by her side every step of the way.

His list starts with a few very important reasons why the newlyweds have such a strong bond. He writes:

  1. She is my best friend
  2. She never quits on herself or me
  3. She gives me time to work on my crazy projects
  4. She makes me laugh, every day
  5. She is gorgeous

The doting husband goes on, commenting on her kindness, optimism, work ethic and beautiful singing voice.

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Mollywho continues to explain she suffers from mental illness and has a “long journey” ahead, but says her husband “holds her hand” through it all:

“I think he wanted me to remember how much he loves me because he knows how quickly I forget,” she writes. “He knows I struggle to see good in the world, and especially the good in myself.”

Even though they might be facing tough times, her husband’s kind gesture demonstrates his commitment to the vows he made when they said “I do.”

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