The body of California gunman Kevin Neal’s wife was found under the floorboards of their home in Rancho Tehama, a local official confirmed in a press conference earlier Wednesday.

Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston said Neal had “cut a hole in his floor, murdered — shot her probably late Monday, and literally just put her body in the floor and covered it up.”

He noted officers are still working on the motive, but it is suspected the shooting was related:

“We believe that’s probably what started this whole event.”

Earlier reports suggested police had responded to a domestic dispute inside Neal’s residence Monday. However, Johnston noted the incident was not reported to the police.

Police officers had been looking for Neal’s wife since he killed four people and injured dozens more during a shooting rampage that spanned seven locations — including an elementary school — Tuesday. The latest finding brings the death toll up to five.

Johnston told members of the press that “early on, we suspected that something bad had happened” to his wife. Her car was parked at the house, and she wasn’t picking up her phone. Her body was found after officers obtained a search warrant to comb the premises.

According to ABC 7, Neal was a known criminal who was out on bail for stabbing his neighbor. His mother had bailed him out in January.

Local television station KION reported that around 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Neal shot and killed a neighbor who had a restraining order on him. Then, he stole a vehicle, proceeded to shoot at random targets, and drove to a local elementary school.

He shot children and adults in front of the school, but when he couldn’t get inside, he left. Police officers killed Neal 45 minutes into the rampage.

His sister, Sheridan Orr, 46, told The Washington Post her family had tried for years to get Neal help for mental illness:

“If you could’ve seen him in those rages. Anything was possible … He never should have had guns and he should’ve been able to get mental health care.”

The guns used in the attack were not registered. It is suspected Neal illegally manufactured the guns.

Watch the full report, via KION, below.

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