Mel Watts, creator of “The Modern Mumma” blog, is the proud wife of a hardworking man named Nolan. And as she tells Independent Journal Review, he does so much more for their family than she once gave him credit for.

Like so many dads, Nolan leaves for work every day to provide for his family. He comes home from work “tired and dirty” but is always willing to help with the work around the house without complaint.

Mel knows how lucky she is, but she acknowledges that she hasn’t always been the best at verbalizing her gratefulness to her spouse. The mom explains an eye-opening experience to Independent Journal Review:

“There were definitely times I forgot to say ‘thank you’ for something, because I just assumed he would do it anyway,” Watts says. “It wasn’t until I was confronted by Nolan that I now make sure I let him know how much I do appreciate him. I think he thought I didn’t appreciate him, but I do.”

After their talk, Mel began taking special notice of just how much of an impact her husband had on her children’s lives—their family wasn’t complete unless Nolan was home.

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Mel could never seem to put Band Aids on, cut sandwiches, or rock the baby to sleep the way “Daddy does it.” The family was “just not the same” without him, and the minute he would walk through the door “the darkness she was trying to brighten all day has disappeared.”

Mel tells Independent Journal Review that Nolan really is the better part of their marriage:

“Nolan is a man who puts us first every single time. He really is the most amazing father and husband. Our daughters, Ivie and Indie, are ‘daddy’s girls.’ We could all be playing and then as soon as they hear daddy comes home, it’s all over with me and they just hang off him.”

And while Mel realizes that life can get busy and become routine, she knows it’s always important to make sure your spouse always feels appreciated.

In her blog she writes to her husband:

“So heres to you: A man that works hard.
A man that would do anything for his family.
A man who changes diapers.
A man who is so much more than a “step” parent.
A man who dresses up as a fairy – a hairy one.
A man who fixes scooters.
A man who plays peek-a-boo.
A man who would rather stay at home with us every single time.
A man who leaves for work every morning and comes home at night.
I appreciate you. Every single time I really do. Without you this foundation would crumble.”

She adds, “I think majority of people appreciate their partners, they just forget to say it.”

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