After being married for a few decades, couples get used to one another’s schedules.

So when Canadian Trevor Koenig’s wife of 33 years didn’t come home Dec. 4, he knew something was terribly wrong. He intuited that perhaps his wife, Caroline, ran into a bit of car trouble, as Global News reported.

However, no matter the cause of the delay, Trevor knew he couldn’t sit idly by while his wife might have been in trouble. He told Global News:

“I just thought, you know what, this story doesn’t end with her being by herself.”

With no idea where Caroline had gone, Trevor took off down Highway 6 — a route he knew his wife sometimes liked to drive. He drove about 150 kilometers (93 miles), high-beam lights blaring, eyes peeled for highway tracks.

And then, he saw tire tracks in the snow leading down a steep embankment. Grabbing a flashlight, Trevor set off on foot. At the bottom of the embankment, he spotted a car pinned in a tree. Rushing down the slope, Trevor recalled that:

“I was afraid to look in the car; I thought my wife was dead in the car.”

However, upon peering into the vehicle, he noticed it was empty. Looking further, he saw his wife “hunched over a tree” even further down the embankment. Trevor said:

“She wasn’t moving and I got in front of her and I lifted up her face and her eyes were just staring blank and I thought, ‘oh, I was too late,’ and then she blinked. She thought she was dreaming, she asked if I was real.”

Trevor called in backup to aid in his wife’s rescue. About 15 hours after the crash, with some help from the Lumby Fire Department, B.C. Ambulance Paramedics, RCMP and Vernon Search and Rescue, Caroline was pulled to safety.

But the real hero here is Trevor.

As a technician with Vernon Search and Rescue said:

“It’s amazing he was led to that spot and to find her in the conditions that he was faced with. It’s a miracle, it really is.”

Check out Global News’s full interview with Trevor below.

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