It’s often said that finances and the family budget are a common trouble area for married couples.

One clever wife may have headed-off an argument over her shopping habits … but is her approach funny or a sign of trouble ahead?

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As Babble reports, Twitter user @trishaaaayyye recently shared an exchange between her mother and father over a bank statement. Her father discovered a sizeable charge to Ulta, a popular make-up store, and asked her mother for an explanation.

Cornered, his wife came up with a sneaky excuse: “Ulta” is just short for a utility payment. As her daughter related on Twitter:

My dad is going through his bank statements and goes, “What’s U-L-T-A? $275? Is that utilities?” And my mom goes, “Yeah I [paid] the bills.” and he said thank you.

Mom’s way of handling the situation amused and impressed her daughter. And she wasn’t alone. The tweet was shared thousands of times, and others on Twitter chimed in with their appreciation.

A few pointed out that fudging about the source of certain expenditures is a tried-and-true mom trick.

But not everyone thought that concealing your purchases from your spouse is a good idea. Several found the deceit distasteful.

And some believed it was a bad sign for the marriage — the kind of thing that can lead to divorce over time.

The couple’s daughter weighed in to let everyone know that her dad didn’t live in ignorance for long. She eventually had to “tell on” her mom and reveal the real source of the charges. She wrote that she was disappointed, since she also gains from her mom’s shopping trips.

Fortunately, it appears her father wasn’t too angry about it. As their daughter wrote on Twitter, that particular account was intended miscellaneous spending:

“Their marriage is great and my parents work hard so they’re both very well off and he didn’t care at all, he actually laughed.”

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