If your household is anything like one mommy blogger’s your children may have an overflowing sack of Halloween candy, and they can’t possibly munch their way through loads of sweet treats.

You may have been wondering what to do with the enormous candy haul from trick or treating. Well, one mom came up with a nifty after-Halloween candy hack that can help your family manage leftover trick or treat candy — and teach a valuable lesson about giving.

The mom wrote:

What do you do with ALL THE CANDY!? This hack provided by My Battle Call.

1. The Kids Sort the Candy: “I let them choose 50 percent to keep, 50 percent to donate to the troops. ??”

2. Bag and Label Treats: “Next, we put candy into baggies labeled with 7 days of the week. And that’s what they can have that day, no questions asked. Mine usually make it 3 days before they are sick of candy ? and forget about it.”

3. Donate Left-Over Candy to Charity: “This year I’m not taking mommy-tax (I gave up sugar ??‍♀️) but I’ll eventually get it out of the house. You can look for a homeless shelter, dental office or a church accepting candy.”

The mother ended her post by stating:

For the record, I am not usually ‘this’ parent. But the candy. So much candy…

According to comments on Facebook many families seemed to face the same dilemma this year.  Commenters shared other ways to rid your home of excess sweets without throwing it all away. Some wrote in response to her post:

Our daughters birthday is in December … we usually keep the non chocolate stuff for a [piñata]!

My kids are the same, they are sick of it so quick and it is forgotten. But I put it away and we use it to decorate the gingerbread house at Christmas.

I let them binge and then I find someplace to donate the rest. A local food bank loves it to pack in bags and stockings for their clients.

What do you do with “all that” left-over candy?

For more ways to donate Halloween treats watch the video below:

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