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Wendy Williams Says She’s Moving out of Sober Home Days After Filing for Divorce. Vows to Be Better for Son

Wendy Williams Says She’s Moving out of Sober Home Days After Filing for Divorce. Vows to Be Better for Son

On April 11, famed daytime talk show host, Wendy Williams, filed for divorce from her husband of 21 years, Kevin Hunter.

As Dearly previously reported, the announcement came just weeks after Williams told the audience of her show that she was living in a sober house for some time.

Williams explained her decision to seek help for a past addiction:

“Well for sometime now, and even today and beyond, I have been living in a Sober House. […]

And you know I’ve had a struggle with cocaine in my past and I never went to a place to get the treatment. I don’t know how, except God was sitting on my shoulder and I just stopped.

There are people in your family, it might be you, who have been struggling. And I want you to know more of the story.”

Now, during the most recent episode of her show, Williams briefly addressed her impending divorce and the plans she has for herself and her 18-year-old son, Kevin Hunter Jr.

Williams started off by sharing the motto of the “Hot Topics” portion of her show, “Their business is our business,” which has been a part of every episode for the past 11 years.

Williams then continued with a laugh:

“It’s crazy ’cause now my business is your business. It’s kind of funny. Turnabout’s a fair game, I get it. My business is your business. I can tell you this, I had a really good weekend. I got together with my girls. I told you I have my sober friends and I have six of them that are really good and two of them are my sponsors.”

After detailing her girls day, the talk show host went on to announce that she will officially be moving out of her sober living home soon.

She explained:

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“I’m moving out of the sober house in just a few days, you know. It’ll be Wendy on her own.

I have to tell you, you know, I’ve been dealing with issues with addiction, alcoholism, and I have a whole new life that I planned for myself and my son. Believe me you, when you lay in a room with no TV and four gray walls all day, and no telephone at your already, and you lay there and you think about your life — this is my life in the sober house — it’s one of the best things, honestly, that could have ever happened to me.”

Williams added that “when you think about your life” and how you present to people, and in her case, how she presents herself on the show, you realize that everyone has something in their life that they are embarrassed to share with others.

Hunter also addressed their impending divorce in a statement. He said:

“I am not proud of my recent actions and take full accountability and apologize to my wife, my family and her amazing fans. I am going through a time of self-reflection and am trying to right some wrongs.

Twenty-eight years ago I met an amazing woman: Wendy Williams. At the time, I didn’t realize that she would not only become my wife, but would also change the face of entertainment and the world. I have dedicated most of our lives to the business empire that is Wendy Williams Hunter, a person that I truly love and respect unconditionally. No matter what the outcome is or what the future holds, we are still The Hunter Family and I will continue to work with and fully support my wife in this business and through any and all obstacles she may face living her new life of sobriety, while I also work on mine.

I ask that you please give me and my family privacy as we heal. Thank you.”

However, as the 54-year-old admitted, addressing her sobriety and addiction head-on has allowed her to “sort out every single compartment of my life.”

The host concluded that she has a “commitment to her son” to come out of this situation “better, stronger, and faster than ever.”

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