Aside from her “Dancing with the Stars” and country music accolades, Jana Kramer is a mom above all else. The singer gave birth to her daughter Jolie Rae nearly two years ago, and she’s been a family-first woman ever since.

However, for the 34-year-old, that also means trying to expand her family — and according to Kramer’s latest Instagram posts, it hasn’t been that easy.

On Saturday, the “Why Ya Wanna” singer shared a photo of her holding an ultrasound picture, revealing she just suffered a miscarriage:


Her caption read, in part:

Today I am 1-3. I debated posting this for the exact reason why it’s a silent struggle. I don’t want I’m sorry or sympathy. I just don’t want to feel alone. And I know I’m not. This unfortunately isn’t my first loss. When I first found out I was pregnant I wanted to shout it from the rooftop but I know for reasons like this we have to wait. So because we don’t tell many, we have to suffer silently…and suffering silently was my thing in the past, but it’s not now.

She explained that she’s now suffered two miscarriages out of three pregnancies, but in an attempt to share her grief with other woman going through the same thing, Kramer decided to announce her loses to the world:

For the women out there who have miscarried in the past and need support and a place to grieve their little one lost or to those in the thick of it like me who are currently grieving and in pain, let us all be there for each other. You don’t need to feel alone and maybe that’s me talking to myself but if you need a place to share, I’m here for you…and all of us are (and guys too. We sometimes silence your voice because you feel bad to express how it’s made u feel so let this be a safe place for you too).

Kramer continued, writing that because she’s “knee deep in crying” and doesn’t have all the right words, women can visit her friend Kristen Brust’s profile, @alittlebitfancy, to read what has already helped countless other suffering expecting mothers:

And because I don’t have all the words to say because I’m knee deep in crying and trying to listen to God, my girlfriend @alittlebitfancy says them for me. But in her Words and her story on her loss. It’s powerful and strong and those who have suffered a loss I truly feel u can heal reading her blog. I know for me it helped. […] I love you guys.

Despite not wanting to “feel alone,” Kramer is technically still married. She and husband Mike Caussin separated in May of 2016 after reports of infidelity, according to People. Since then, Caussin entered a rehab facility and the two have been “actively working on” their relationship.


According to People, Kramer detailed their current dynamic on the “Mouthing Off” podcast, saying:

“I’m just focusing on our family and trying to figure it out. It’s day-by-day. We’re not divorced, he’s not my estranged husband [and] he’s very much in my life. Legally, he is my husband. I have a ring on my finger. It’s hard, every day — some days I’m like, ‘I can’t do this.’ … But other days I’m like, ‘No, fight for it. It’s for our family.’ Cause I’ve given up so easily in the past before, so I really want to sit in the trenches and fight for it.”

The country singer has experienced an immeasurable amount of loss and pain over the last few years, but according to her Instagram post, she’s not going to stay silent any longer. And, like so many trying mothers know firsthand, having a support system is everything.

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