Your wedding day is supposed to be unforgettable, right? This is why brides spend a fortune to hire a wedding photographer that can capture all of its moments and details in a special way.

Last fall, for some Nashville brides and their mothers, this wasn’t the case.

As NewsChannel 5 reported, several families were left devastated after they hired photographer Nikki Grissom of Belle McKay Photography to capture their weddings.

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In September 2017, Annette White, mother of bride Hope White, “sadly” recounted her daughter’s wedding day misfortune to NewsChannel 5:

“We’ll never get back that moment of when they were getting married. My daughter said it the best way. She said, ‘My kids and my grandkids will never see my wedding pictures.'”

Grissom was hired as the Holden-White family wedding photographer but allegedly, she showed up an hour late the day of the ceremony and missed important wedding shots. White continued:

“We have no pictures of her getting ready. We have no pictures of him or the groomsmen. None of them, and none of the first dance. None of the cake.”

The family was stunned by her unprofessional behavior, but nothing could prepare them for what was to come.

After the wedding, Grissom “disappeared.” According to White, the photographer cut off contact with the family after the ceremony and failed to deliver the full photo package— which they’d paid for in advance.

Fortunately, several guests snapped a few smartphone photos.

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However, these are the only photos the couple had from their wedding, along with a few unedited proofs Grissom texted. White said, a month later, Grissom finally admitted she’d lost the pictures. But this also happened to several other brides.

One bride-to-be filed a police report when Grissom was a no-show at her photo shoot. She claimed the photographer ended all communication with her after she asked for a refund. Other brides later reported the same thing happened to them— Grissom didn’t show up for shoots or didn’t produce the pictures.

White told NewsChannel 5:

“Come to find out, I’m not the only one….My only goal is to make sure this does not happen to another bride.”

Months later Grissom was arrested, but it wasn’t for ripping off brides.

Screenshot/NewsChannel 5

NewsChannel 5 reports:

Nikki Grissom, who also goes by Kristen, was arrested on drug charges. LaVergne Police busted her after getting a call about a road rage incident where the driver pointed a gun at another driver.

Police pulled over the car and found Grissom in the passenger seat and her husband, Josh, driving. In addition to finding a very real looking bb-gun in the car, police said they found meth, needles, scales and prescription pills that didn’t belong to either of the Grissoms.

Police later reopened the wedding photography case, which officials said they’re still investigating.

Meanwhile, Grissom posted bond and was released from jail on the drug charges.

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