A mother entered a Walmart store in American Fork, Utah, and purchased needle-nose pliers and hand sanitizer. She then went into the restroom with her 7-year-old son.

That was when the screaming began.


According to ABC4, the mother, Jeannine Cherilynn Isom, used the pliers to pull out his two front teeth.

She didn’t use any anesthetic as she ripped his teeth from his mouth, and she left the boy in horrific pain.


An employee and the boy’s brother heard the screaming and crying coming from the restroom in what American Fork police described as:

“Child abuse in its purest form.”

Sgt. Cameron Paul of the American Fork police department explained the child’s teeth were still firmly in place in his mouth when his mother yanked them out with the pliers:

“There was only one that was just a tiny bit loose. The other one was not. When she proceeded to extract them, they didn’t come out in one whole piece. There were multiple pieces. So that illustrates that they were still very attached to this child’s mouth.”

Customers at the store were shocked to find out a mother had done this to her child. One customer said:

“I’m speechless. I can’t imagine anybody doing this, much less a mother. I can’t imagine that a child would have to go through that.”

Another agreed with the police department’s description of child abuse:

“That’s excessive child abuse, there’s no question.”

Isom claimed she used the pliers on her son’s teeth because they were infected, but a dentist found no sign of infection during an exam.

The mother, who resisted arrest when police arrived, faces a second-degree felony charge of child abuse for “intentionally or knowingly inflict serious physical injury upon a child.”

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