Wendell Davenport said that when he does something, he does it to the best of his abilities, according to Love What Matters.

And that hardworking mentality, which was instilled in him by to his parents, led to Davenport getting a $3 tip earlier this week while working at Carrabba’s Italian Grill as a server.

Now, a $3 tip may not sound like that much money, but just wait until you hear the story behind it.

Davenport explained to BuzzFeed that he had picked up a table with a family with a three-year-old girl. He said as soon as they sat down, the little girl didn’t stop talking:

“The little girl was talking ever since her family sat down, She was trying to order the whole meal so I went ahead and let her.”

Unable to deny her cuteness, Davenport went along with the little girl’s antics for the rest of the meal, even when she told the him to put the bill on her pink Barbie credit card.

The 22-year-old explained on Twitter:

Today this little three-year-old old tried to pay for her family’s dinner with a Barbie credit card. I took the card and made her a little check out to make it seem like she did and she tipped me $3.

All of Davenport’s coworkers thought the whole scenario was adorable, and as he told Dearly, he couldn’t believe it went viral:

“I had no clue this would go viral. It’s crazy every time I look at my social media!”

Davenport told Dearly that he has “not seen or heard from the family since this post went viral,” so it’s unclear whether they know the story was such a hit.

So far, nearly 253,000 people have “liked” Davenport’s story on Twitter.

Here’s hoping Davenport will wait on the little girl’s table again one day, we hear she tips well.

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