Would you like a side of baby roach to go with your waffle? A Waffle House in Atlanta failed a health code inspection, and the results of the inspection report will appall you.

Waffle House is a popular breakfast food chain restaurant, most commonly located in the South. Roadtrippers can identify the restaurant from it’s iconic giant yellow sign with block letters extending into the sky.

This particular Waffle House was inspected by the Fulton County Department of Health, which gave the restaurant a score of 65/100 and a grade of “U” for “unsatisfactory.”

According to WXIA, the health inspector wrote in the report:

Facility is not clean. Clean entire facility including floor under and behind equipment. Area under dishwasher is particularly dirty.

It may be noted that describing the facility as “not clean” is a gross understatement, as the conditions were just downright disgusting. There were 14 violations recorded on the report, but there were definitely a few that stood out.

The restaurant failed to properly store utensils, the temperature of the dishwasher did not get hot enough — reaching only 120 degrees rather than the required 180 degrees — and the food prep surfaces were deemed “dirty and unsanitary.” The report continued by saying the cabinets contained “mold, dirt, and food debris.”

However, that wasn’t even the worst part. Slime formed inside the icemaker, a large amount of mold and mildew were found beneath the sink knobs, and there were no paper towels in the women’s restroom, which is problematic because employees are required to turn off the knobs after use with a paper towel.

But possibly the most nauseating aspect of the whole Wafflegate fiasco was the presence of flies and a resident baby roach in the restaurant’s walk-in cooler.

As a result of the countless violations, the inspector wrote instructions for correcting them.

This isn’t the first time Waffle House has come under fire for less-than-stellar health ratings. Earlier this summer, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that another Atlanta area Waffle House had failed its health inspection. After the article came out, comedian KevOnStage had this response:

As for the current Wafflegate scandal, let’s hope the restaurant can undo the damage that was caused by neglecting one of the key necessities in running a successful restaurant: keeping the place sanitary.

They definitely have their work cut out for them.

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