At 33 years old, Olympian Lindsey Vonn has won 81 World Cups, seven World Championship medals, and three Olympic medals, making her the most decorated female Alpine skier in history.

Her younger counterpart, 22-year-old Mikaela Shiffrin, has 41 World Cups wins, four World Championship medals, and two Olympic medals.

On February 21, the two American teammates went head-to-head during the women’s super-combined competition at the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

The super-combined consists of a downhill race and a slalom race — whoever has the fastest combined time wins.

At the end of the downhill portion of the super-combined, Vonn was in first place, while Shiffrin sat in sixth with a time almost two seconds slower than Vonn’s. However, that was to be expected, as Vonn is known for her downhill races, and Shiffrin is known for her expertise in the slalom.

Following their performances on the downhill, Vonn appeared to be pleased, while Shiffrin seemed unsure of whether she could make up the nearly two seconds between them in the slalom.

But Vonn doesn’t regularly compete in the slalom — she doesn’t often train for it — and just a few seconds into her slalom run, she fell. In the end, Shiffrin won the silver medal, while Vonn was left off the podium.

Vonn told NBC following the race:

“As much as I had very little chance of getting on the podium today, I still had a chance. Would’ve loved to have been there and made it to the finish, but such is life.”

She then went on to say how amazing her teammate has been over the last few years:

“It’s incredible what she’s able to accomplish. She’s so young, and she approaches ski racing much different than pretty much anyone else. I think she had potential to do a lot more at these games, but at the same time — same like me — you can’t expect everything all the time.”

While Shiffrin said:

“Coming out here today, I did everything that I needed to do to have a shot for a medal, and it’s really cool to have that work out.”

Now with the 2018 Olympics behind them, Vonn and Shiffrin are both walking away as three-time Olympic medalists. The only difference is that while Vonn is set to retire, Shiffrin is expected back in 2022.

Could this mean that Shiffrin will one day pass Vonn as the most decorated Alpine skier in history? I guess we will just have to watch and see.

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