Have you ever wanted and looked for an easier way to prep and peel garlic?

Well, a gamer and artist from Toronto, Canada seems to have discovered just that.

In a video shared to Twitter, Valentina demonstrated how the simple hack works. All you have to is stick a knife into the middle of one of the cloves of garlic and simply pull it out with a slight swiping motion.

The technique makes it so that you don’t have to actually peel the entire head of garlic one clove at a time:

Valentina wrote:

As someone who makes a lot of Korean food, this is the best method for getting garlic peeled!

The video was watched more than 16 million times and retweeted more than 124,000 times.

Well-known English actress and recipe-author, Fay Ripley, even admitted that Valentina’s garlic hack “just changed my…life.” And many more agreed:

I feel like my life has just been changed

I can’t believe I’ve been wasting all that time. I’ve never been this excited to make dinner.

i want all that time back.

Some even got around to trying the new technique themselves, adding that it actually does work:

oh boy it’s real. I got it pretty quickly although not nearly as fast as you are.

Another shared a photo of her attempt, saying it only took her 30 seconds to peel an entire head of garlic:

Are you willing to give this technique a try?

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