A hang-gliding trip goes very wrong for a Florida man vacationing in Switzerland.

When Chris Gursky’s wife discovered her husband flew 4,000 feet at 45 mph over the Swiss Landscape holding on for dear life she was immensely disturbed.

But she’s not the only one holding her breath while watching Gursky hold on with a death grip to a pilot who forgot to properly attach his harness while hang gliding.

Watch the terrifying moment below:

In the heart-stopping video that’s gone viral, Gursky told Fox News on his first time hang gliding the instructor quickly realized he made a huge mistake at takeoff. He recalled:

“I just glanced down, and said this is it: I am going to fall to my death. It wasn’t my time, I was going to hold on as long as I possibly could.”

In the video, Gursky can be seen holding onto to the glider with one hand and trying to hold on to his instructor with the other for nearly four minutes. The pilot who was safely harnessed wrestled to hold onto to the tourist but couldn’t control the glider as the two soared higher.

Gursky told Inside Edition:

“I did not have much of a grip left, my hand was slipping and I had his pant leg but that was about it.”

He now jokes about the nice views but at the time Gursky knew he would fatally fall to earth if he didn’t cling for his life. When they finally got close enough to the ground Gursky let go and hit the ground hard.

He survived the ordeal only suffering a fractured wrist and minor injuries. Director of the Swiss Hang Gliding Association told Fox:

“The pilot knew he made a terrible mistake, but afterward he made a good save. The first lesson is that you check before starting that everything is good, and that everybody is attached.”

Gursky ended his video saying he would go gliding again: “as I did not get to enjoy my first flight.”

He told Cross Country that he’s not upset with the pilot.

Watch the video below:

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