Marjorie Harvey, wife of comedian Steve Harvey, posted a sweet video of their granddaughters pretending to breastfeed baby dolls, and some people freaked out.

The innocent clip sparked controversy on Instagram and had some of her followers arguing about the “appropriateness” of the post.

On Monday, Steve’s wife of 11 years, captured Elle, 3, and Rose, 4, mimicking nursing, and some social media users quickly voiced their displeasure and concern. 

Watch the video below:

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Rose and Elle breastfeeding dolls ???

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“Rose and Elle breastfeeding dolls ???,” she captioned the clip.

Right away, commenters called out the mother of three, some wrote:

Oh my gosh!

This not cool.

This is the most unpleasant thing to watch a child do. You teach these things to adults not children …

Put yo gotd*mn shirt down my mama would of said to me.

I have nothing against breastfeeding. This is not cute at all. These are little girls. The time will come when they are of childbearing age and breast feed their own child.

The conversation continued as those who found the video “cute” and “endearing” came to Marjorie’s defense. One commenter wrote:

I think as adults we forget all the things we did as kids … They might have a sibling that they can’t hold or feed because mom or dad don’t think they are ready so they imitate what they see … How many of us have imitated our parents?

Many also praised Marjorie for helping to make breastfeeding normal for kids.

After the post received negative comments, eventually Mrs. Harvey responded to critics in an Instagram story. She said she found the video hilarious and:  

“Cleary some of y’all weren’t breastfed. Maybe that’s the problem. Some of y’all need a hug.”

According to one doll company The Breast Milk Baby, children love to feed like their mothers.

"Thank you! Alicia loves Jessica and is a great little mama to her" – Mellisa R.

Posted by The Breast Milk Baby on Thursday, January 10, 2013

another mommy in training. so lovely to see 😉

Posted by The Breast Milk Baby on Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Would you discourage your child from pretending to breastfeed their dolls?

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Tiffani is a writer for Dearly. She is from New York City. Prior to working for Dearly she covered fashion news and managed social media for various digital media outlets.

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51 Replies to “Steve Harvey’s Wife Gets Slammed for Sharing Video of Granddaughters Pretending to Breastfeed Like Mommy”

  • Christa Winburn 2 years ago

    Omg those people need to relax!!! They just copy mommy that’s it .. that goes to show these people kids do what you do not what you say!!! So be a good example and that mother wasn’t doing anything wrong !! Is she supposed to go hide in her own house ?? Not a chance !!

  • Chrissy 2 years ago

    What is wrong with people? Would you have a problem with a little girl “pretending” to rock her baby doll? How about pretending to bottle feed? Pretend changing a diaper? Let’s just take PC to a whole new level and force it upon little kids. You wonder what’s wrong with our country, I got news for you, it isn’t who’s in Washington. Get a grip people.

  • Sharma Huffaker 2 years ago

    This is what’s wrong with our world !
    People who are not qualified to make decisions are making decisions for the majority !!!! I’m so tired of taking the back seat to these snowflakes ! Children learn by what they see ! These little girls will be wonderful mothers one day !!! Their mother is teaching by example ! A wonderful way to learn !!! So glad they are in such a loving house and family !!

  • BARBARA 2 years ago

    Shout out for Team Marjorie! Dolls are how childen learn to be Mommy’s & Daddys. All the skills and behaviors we refine in adulthood were learned by watching and imitating the adults who modeled those behaviors for us as children. I feel certain NO trolls would have taken issue with these girls feeding their babies with bottles. BREASTFEEDING is completely normal & healthy for mom & baby. Trolls need to crawl back under their rock and take their Victorian sensibilities with them. OH, and these are beautiful children. Thanks for sharing this sweet moment.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Yes, I see nothing wrong with the video. I think it’s cute the siblings wanted to imitate what they saw. I use to pretend that I was breastfeeding when I was a child playing mommy with my doll. People always have something to say. GOSH!

  • Loreda 2 years ago

    How do children learn but by example. How do little one learn to be a Mommy or Daddy but by example. I think what a child learns he or she will do. I congratulate Mr. &Mrs Harvey, they love their girls!

  • Lotta Russey 2 years ago

    Americans are so sinful when it comes to sex and are a shame of their human body. Go figure. Raised on a farm we knew the body’s anatomy. There was nothing to be a shame of. Mothers would nurse their babies anywhere. They would carry a towel or blanket and cover up and continue their conversation or whatever. I and my brothers saw many breaths and not once did any of us or anyone around us went aeee. These are well adjusted children who will not have hang ups and will be well informed to not be a shame of their bodies. So take several seats on this one trolls.

  • Loretta Bradley 2 years ago

    I think some things should be considered, “age appropriate “. This is one of those things. There are so many other things they could be learning. Male or female let them be children.

  • Margie 2 years ago

    I breastfed each of my three babies for a full year; the last one breastfed for two years. My daughters used to “breastfeed” their dolls too. They were imitating what they saw me do as well as the other young mothers in the neighborhood. My “babies” are now 37, 35, and 33. Their professions are mathematician, social worker, and lawyer. Did I mention all three were in the gifted program throughout school and two of the three had full scholarships thru college and grad school? Must have been something in that breast milk. Oh, and none of them are confused about their gender. Maybe because they immigrated their mom or dad as appropriate (2 girls, 1 boy).

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    No I would not an for women

  • This is awesome! Normalizing and Rolemodeling Nusing a baby is much needed in our country. The Academy of Pediatrics recommend Nursing your baby for at least one year. So many benefits to Baby and Mom. Check it out.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    For women to think this is cute,,an then post it on social media when we have a population of freaks out here in this world an I’m so surprised at Steve Harvey Wife when lot of women looked up to her husband we as women are to protect are little girls

  • Latoya Burress 2 years ago

    I breast feed all of my kids and now I still breastfeed my 3 year old still. I don’t see a problem will the little ones playing that role with there dolls

  • A Respectful Breast Feeding Mom 2 years ago

    Copy mommy, the way mommy talk, dress and walk. Oh Copy mommy getting it in too while your at it. I think its not in good taste. What happened to age appropriate. Mommy cover up and breast feed your baby in private. I did and that was baby and I bonding time. Does not have to be out in the open. In my opinion. I never felt comfortable in public and poping my boob out in front of no one but my husband.

  • Big L 2 years ago

    Lol the Millennial snowflakes are triggered!

  • peter 2 years ago

    i think its so cute many little girls do it we had 3 they all had dolls 3 year old are very attentive they learn fast i dint see nothing bad in fact its beautiful the little girl loves her doll she probably changes her diaper to all natural things beautiful little girl Steve a watch anything you do funny as hell and am white :O)love your shows

  • Marta Rodriguez 2 years ago

    Of course not! I don’t understand how people see something so natural as if breastfeeding is something scandalous. Grow people, grow!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    At least these little girls are actually learning what a breast is for. Nothing sexual here. Children mock their parents and as some have said it could be because they would love to feed their little brother or sister but can not, because mommy breast feeds, and this is the way they feel included. Nothing wrong with it, they are not running around with bare breasts exposed to everyone, the doll is covering it. People have gotten so used to bottle feeding they forget why the good Lord made women to produce milk.

  • Joan 2 years ago

    As a mother grandmother and a great grandmother I find this very inappropriate . Dolls are to be played with out having inappropriate actions like breast feeding . Yes children see a lot but it’s up to the parents to tell the children what’s right or wrong and it has nothing to do with breast feeding .Its a right as a mother .I saw something like this on you-tube . There are a lot of crazy people out here that get turned on from seeing things like this . Please be careful of how you show children ! Breastfeeding is a beautiful gift to give a child no matter where you are in this world !!

  • Frank Mallon 2 years ago

    I’m confused, it’s OK for a women to sit in McDonalds with her “BOOB” out feeding a child but little girls acting like a mom is a problem? Maybe these people are afraid as they get older they won’t want to change their gender to male.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I think little girls act like moms is what little girls should do it a part of being a mommy ,playing like mom is fun. People are always trying to make things bad when it not breastfeeding is a part of life. These baby’s are having fun with acting like real mommy’s how sweet.

  • Susanne J 2 years ago

    There is NOTHING disgusting about this. If they were standing in front of the mirror applying make-up, I’ll bet THAT would be OK. Females have the privilege of bearing babies AND feeding them naturally. Can we not embrace that and teach little girls that that IS a beautiful thing? I say yes. We can and we should.

  • Rachel 2 years ago

    Seriously, people need go calm down. All of my children pretended to nurse a baby doll….4 of my kids are boys and yes they pretended as well. My 6 year old pretended to nurse his monster truck.

    • iesha 2 years ago

      Omg mine as well. I have 6 kids and 5 are boys they breastfed all types of crazy things. My daughter makes me her nurse made then get jealous of her doll baby then get on herself. She all ways feeding her own baby dolls lol. I want to post her pictures bad of her breastfeeding but nervous of what people will say. So I just send them to family and friends.

  • Maggie 2 years ago

    Children learn what they see! These are little mamas in training. This isn’t anything but an incredibly good example! You go little mamas!

  • Michelle Grammer 2 years ago

    People get over this B.S. Is it crime to be proud of your Family? This woman has a famous Husband(which by the way we could all take lessons in goodness from). She’s sharing a wonderful and proud moment with the world. (Her family, friends, fans, and so on) Hence the word Her. What’s the problem here people? Please tell me ! Cuze I don’t see it! Okay let me guess (and by the way I haven’t even read the comments or for that matter any of the story, going by the Headline and the cute video) So back to my rant of disgust.. Is it because their showing what awsome parents they will be when they grow up to have live babies? Is it the fact that they have their nighty shirts up? Well young ladies?for do such a modest job? Is it sound of her voice as she speaks words of love and admiration and encouragement and acceptance and pride and happiness. This woman is not yours to pick on so whatever @??%*/#? think it’s okay it’s not. And last but certainly not least. Mrs.Harvey thank you for the wonderful video. They are grand. I’m glad you and Mr.Harvey are blessed with them. Chelle

    • Michelle Grammer 2 years ago

      My apologize.. I have now read whole story and I still stand proud of all the women in this wonderful moment. And apologize for certain members of the human race. Chelle

  • Paula Higgins 2 years ago

    I would love to teach my little girls that God made their bodies so they can provide for their children. This is how they learn to be good Christian adults.

  • Connie Yost 2 years ago

    No I would not discourage this

  • Kristina 2 years ago

    “You teach these things to adults….” ummmm no we teach these things to children. Have been for decades. Go into amazon and look up high chair toys and baby bottle toys you’ll see plenty of results. Because we teach these kids that the baby needs to eat. Why is it ok to teach a child about feeding their baby with a bottle or food but not nursing?

  • Janie 2 years ago

    It is natural and that is exactly what those little girls were doing! You are trying to make this something nasty and dirty, it’s not people!!!!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    These people need a life. Why is this making headlines? So what, ain’t nobodies business how and what she teaches her kids. Black folks raise and do things differently than white folks. She ain’t doing nothing wrong,she minding her business.

  • Larry 2 years ago

    These people need a life. Why is this making headlines? So what, ain’t nobodies business how and what she teaches her kids. Black folks raise and do things differently than white folks. She ain’t doing nothing wrong,she minding her business.

  • 2 years ago

    Only because children are being led to believe that having a baby is easy. Baby’s are heavier than dolls and they cry more than the dolls in health Ed classes. Children do not need to become parents before they have gotten out of childhood. There are too many kids going into high school ready to give birth.

  • Donna 2 years ago

    This is what people are worried about children doing? These little girls are learning to be wonderful self respecting mommies. Beautiful picture.

  • Jennifer 2 years ago

    People need to realize this is what breast are made for. Little girls learn from their mama’s showing them how to be a mama. If breastfeeding is not to be immigrated then neither is holding,rocking, singing to, bathing or dressing dolls!! Get a grip people. It’s as natural as breathing.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      *immitated! Not immigrated? can’t find edit

  • Anonymous 2 years ago


  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Regardless of cute or not we are grown here to teach kids right from wrong @ when it’s time @ to do @ when its not time yet so just give them a glass of wine or better yet let them see u make a baby(how it’s done) is that cute.let kids be kids as long as they can u can’t get childhood back

  • Debbie 2 years ago

    This is ridiculous. Every mother that breastfeeds whether they say something or not the chip will mimick how she feeds their sybilings. This is nature people. It’s good for the baby, they are in their home. When a baby is hungry outside the home it is natural to feed them on the spot. We seem to be the only country that has a hang up for our natural bodies. In Europe they are very free with what they are born with. Worry about what other serious things are happening in our country.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    no I wouldn’t. I breastfed all my kids for 2 years. I hate that people have to make comments about things that don’t effect them at all, make negative assumptions about people’s personal choices. u can please some people some of the time but u can NEVER please all the people all the time. keep your negative comments to yourself

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Amen Sister, I find it very endearing, I too agree most of us grew up imitating our taught us lessons on how to be a mom one day. I don’t see anything offensive about the picture. Some people just need a reason to complain, and criticize others. Could it possibly be jealousy. Get a life, people criticize because they are just haterd. They hate to see others enjoy their lives. I think it’s cute, thanks for sharing.

  • Law 2 years ago

    Of course not…your feeding your child! It’s NOT a sexual thing. It’s the most natural and normal thing a mother can do for her children. It’s a personal choice… there are many reasons why women do and don’t breastfeed…I respect them all. Children will emulate their parents. I’d be more concerned on other unhealthy influencial behavior of parents.
    Sadly though ppl will always have an opinion about everything, so if you don’t want to hear I just wouldn’t share with the public.

  • Ozella Stavrianos 2 years ago

    O don’t see. Anything wrong with this. Let them be kids. People are so ready to make something out of anything you do. I admire Mrs Harvey for letting them be kids. People need to mind their own business. Apparently some people need to get a life.

  • Dawn 2 years ago

    My grandson even “breastfed” his baby – and yes, he has had dolls ever since he had a little brother coming so that he could learn how to be gentle and loving to his new baby brother. When he saw momma feeding the baby – he also fed the baby from his “boobs” and it was adorable. It is age appropriate behavior as children will seek to be like their parents. I remember watching my tiny child seeing me smoking and she was watching in the way she did when she learned other things and I quit smoking ON THE SPOT because I saw how much she wanted to be like me. Chill out people – you don’t have to teach a child to follow their parent’s lead – it is a normal, natural, age-appropriate behavior. And this video does not have to be kept private – it is precious and nothing was exposed so move on people, nothing to see here!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I don’t like the video or the girls playing pretend. I have 6 granddaughters and 4 grandsons. All were breastfed but let me tell you this. This is not the normality of any child. If you find it cute good for you. More power to you. But as a grandmother this is not acceptable.

  • Thelma 2 years ago

    I feel it is wonderful. Children imitate what they see and to see someone breastfeeding their babies is natural. It’s perfectly fine for them to do it with their dolls. Just like they change diapers and bottle feed and dress their dolls. The parents just explain that when they are mommies this is how you feed your babies. I’m 61 and a OB nurse for 34 years I see this as a positive.

  • Summer King 2 years ago

    This is a precious video. Little girls acting like little girls being mommies. How scandalous! ?. My boy cousin used to breastfeed his Bert doll because his mother breastfed. Ha. It was innocent and sweet and it will always be innocent and sweet.

  • Melissa Conway 2 years ago

    I was told by the doctors 27 years ago specifically to give my 2yr old a doll so he would not feel jealous of his new sister. To let him mimick whatever with his doll so he felt just as involved. I can’t say that I remember him trying to breast feed the doll, but I wasn’t able to breastfeed his sister for very long so he may not have picked up on it.
    Don’t though even back then they said it was good for HIM to have the doll so he could learn to be compassionate, caring, and nurturing traits. What the hell could be wrong with little girls learning these traits now?
    Wtfu people!

  • Martha Abernathy 2 years ago

    I don’t see anything wrong with the children pretending to breastfeed there dolls forgive me if I’m wrong

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