It’s no secret that children love the uber-popular song, “Baby Shark,” but as one mom revealed on Twitter, the world may have just found the song’s biggest fan.

On August 18, while sitting with her family in their car, Adriana Derath’s young son had fallen asleep in his car seat.

However, when it was time to get their son, Matteo, out of the car, that’s when the mom decided to turn on his all-time favorite song to see if it would help wake him up. And luckily for millions of people, she caught the whole thing on camera:

As the video shows, Derath’s son is peacefully taking a snooze in the back of the vehicle as his parents turn on the song. It takes a few seconds at first, but as soon as the words “Baby Shark do…” are heard for the first time, Matteo goes from being sound asleep to wide awake and dancing as if he hadn’t just been snoozing a few moments ago.

As Derath wrote on Twitter, her son is a “true fan of baby shark.”

And as people wrote on social media after seeing the video, people couldn’t quite handle the cuteness of the whole thing:

The cute is strong with this one!

If I set Baby Shark as my alarm clock, will I wake up as happy as him?

My baby does the same but with the nanny’s intro.

Thank you for this.

So adorable omg.

Same to my son whenever he hears the Trivago ad.

Shortly after posting the video of her son, it has since received over eight million views and 470,000 likes.

Derath also took to Twitter again, saying, “[I] cannot believe that video of Matteo went viral!”

How cute is this?

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