Hazleton Area High School security officers came under fire for a video that was posted to social media by a student.

The clip looked brutal and the officers involved in the incident stirred up anger amongst students and parents. However, School District Police Officers said the video doesn’t tell the whole story.

Chief Ed Harry told WBRE:

“It’s important to know there are always two sides to every story and it’s really important for parents and students and community members to get both sides of those stories before going to social media.”

The chaotic scene from a 20-second clip took place in a Hazleton, Pennsylvania high school cafeteria on Monday. The video shows a violent restraint of a 15-year-old female student by three security officers.

At one point an officer is seen punching the girl in her legs before gripping her by the hair and forcing her head onto a table.

Watch the video below:

A student who posted the incident to Facebook called for the officers to be fired. She wrote:

This is the hazleton area school district security. THIS IS NOT OKAY! She is a female student not an animal. let’s get this man fired.

The video shows the officers used force to de-escalate a fight that occurred inside the cafeteria.

The district’s superintendent told Buzzfeed the officers responded appropriately based on their training.

School Security Director Edward Harry said he reviewed the full video and the clip circulating social media doesn’t show the huge brawl that broke out between two female students that quickly escalated.

Harry said the public only saw a small portion of what actually happened. The chief told WBRE:

“At that point, the officer had to get that under control immediately. You can see from the snippet of vide there were hundreds of kids in the cafeteria and they were cheering her on yelling and cheering her on. They needed to deescalate that.”

Four students involved in three separate fights inside the high school cafeteria were suspended.

Watch the video below:

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23 Replies to “Video of HS Cafeteria Brawl Sparks Outrage – but School Officers Say the Clip Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story”

  • Michelle Herring 2 years ago

    He should be fired!!! He push her head on the table & was pulling her hair

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      with this being only part of the full incendent you sure are jumping to conclusion. how many vids of you if most was edited out would get the same cry for your firing.

  • keener 2 years ago

    Obviously the whole video wasn’t shown, only what the kids wanted to be seen. When you have a group of teens gathered and cheering on a fight, things can get out of hand fast and what’s to say that they wouldn’t try to jump on the school employees trying to break it up? Kids now a days are rude, disrespectful and think that they are above any repercussions for their actions and can do whatever they want to whomever they want with no penalties! Wait until the WHOLE video is shown before condemning someone.

  • Jj Breen 2 years ago

    Do we learn nothing? Seriously, do we learn nothing at all?

    Remember the ” edited video ” of the Nick Sandmann and the Catholic School? What we initially saw and what was rammed down our throats and ” truth ” & ” facts “, was found, when the FULL VIDEO ( CONTEXT ) was shown …

    Well, . o O ( Oops ) does not even begin to describe the lie that MSM tried to sell us!

    People, people, people …. why do we forget:
    ” Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me! “????

    Seriously, if you think this is the full context .. guess again!

  • Father1 2 years ago

    Spare the rod spoil the child.

  • David 2 years ago

    NO lets not get this man fired. He was trying to break up a fight. Instead of leaving the fight this young girl started fighting the security. It looks like other boneheaded students were trying interfere with the security instead of minding their own business, Schools are a place to LEARN and not fight and have free for all’s.We need to give the school staff and security more power to control the HEATHENS that are ruining our schools for the kids that come there to LEARN. It is time for the ADULTS to take back running the schools and not the children. If the thugs do not want to learn wither send them to juvy hall or kick them OFF school property. The schools need to all go to using student ID badges. No badge no getting into the school!

  • Bad Penguin 2 years ago

    HS students can avoid this if they do the following:
    1. Don’t get into fights at school.

    2 If you decide to fight at school then obey the instructions of the officers who come to stop the fight.

    People who have never tried to control someone are clueless on how hard it is to do. Believe it or not these guys were trying to restrain her without hurting her, Unfortunately the student decided not to cooperate so to prevent her and others from being injured they got her over the table and one held her pony tail so she could be cuffed.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    OBEY the POLICE>

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    easy to see based off the comments who read the article and who didn’t…….also easy to see which generation they are in too.

  • Retired130 2 years ago

    High School students are as strong as adults. When the students fail to listen to authorities to stop fighting & then attack the authorities, force must be used to stop the fight (riot). The more a student fights or resists, the force used to stop it must escalate proportionately.
    I have personally seen high school girls do some real damage to other students and to adults. They are not weak little kids; they have near the strength of an adult.
    Good job officers in stopping this fight (riot).

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      Retired130 you are so right. We are only going to see what they want us to see. These girls can be viscous and mean, only way to stop them and get this under control

  • Paul 2 years ago

    Social media and bad parenting is responsible for this young ladies outburst! Authorities did nothing wrong!

  • William conley 2 years ago

    Next time just let those bunch of worthless kids keep fighting maybe when one of them beats one of the others to death then they’ll be like where was the security officers where was the police? You can’t solve issues like this these teens are savages plain and simple I was a teenager I didn’t see the need to go around beating up people or fighting when I didn’t need to and I’m 6’3 240lbs was around 220 then and much stronger. I could have acted like a little savage and gone around fighting but I have an IQ high enough to realize that sort of shit only brings more problems to your doorstep.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      The problem here is three(3) ADULT MALES and one (1) 15 year old female, about 110lbs.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    If you act like an animal you will be treated like an animal.

  • Victoria 2 years ago

    Act like a uncivilized savage get treated like one! Well done ? officers. Thank you officers.

  • Peter M 2 years ago

    hood rats only understand force. she was resisting in force. force unleashed by hormonal teenager can only be tamed by stronger force. knocking leg down and pony tail grab were expedient for the moment.

    • Anonymous 1 year ago

      Hazleton (spelled Hazelton) initially use to be a busy coal mining and garment factory town all of which is mostly gone today. They have some industries. These were Polish, Lithuanian, German and Slovak and they were known as coal crackers originally. Tough people in the sense they worked and held family values high. They were the hardest working people esp the miners, but in recent years the immigrants coming in are not the same and poverty is rampant. Sad how our once beautiful towns turn into slums. The kids are not taught values and respect for authority.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I’m sorry, I’ve broken up many fights in my life, and never, have I had to grab someone by the hair, and slam their head against a table. IJS???

    • Anonymous 1 year ago

      You’re lucky. You do what you have to do to have that kid stop acting crazy and gain control immediately. I get it. Kids fight, but there is so much disrespect in the schools for authority. To think of disobeying a person in authority was unimaginable when I was growing up. Parents who sugar coat this and wail against the authority is just reinforcing your kid’s bad behavior. I had 4 sons believe me not all perfect, but had they disrespected a person of authority they would answer to me or their father. I would have come to that school and there would have been more than hair pulling if it would have been my sons.

  • Catherine 2 years ago

    So the kids wanted to fight like grownups but didn’t want to be treated like grownups when security is called. This generation is out of control. Maybe if this was the result of all fights, kids would stop fighting g like this. If my boys had to be restrained during a fight, they’d have more consequences when they got home. Train them up right.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    If people do not believe teens cannot get violent and super strong think again. I worked in a locked psychiatric adolescent unit that also housed younger children as well. I saw personally the strength they have. I am very familiar with Hazelton, Pa and this school. These kids are tough.

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