Texas teacher Megan Parson had just finished an end-of-year party with her fourth-grade students when school staff got a warning that a tornado was outside.

The warning came minutes before dismissal on Wednesday, so she knew parents were waiting outside Hays Elementary to pick up their children, NBCDFW reports.

That’s when the teacher sprung into action.

While other students and teachers sought shelter, Parson sprinted outside to warn parents waiting in the pickup line that they needed to find safety.

She tried to flag down parents waiting at the end of the line, but couldn’t get their attention.

That’s when Parson was captured on camera running past a tornado that was just miles away in order to warn the unsuspecting parents.

She told NBCDFW:

“My focus was on those cars. Is anyone in there? If they’re in there, get them out as fast as I possibly can. My focus was just on those families, our Hays family, and making sure they were okay.”

Let me tell ya something about a woman who takes all precautions necessary to not only keep her kids safe but their…

Posted by Amber Dawn Shirley-Barlow on Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Parson has since been hailed a “hero” on social media, with many pointing out that her kimono looked like a cape flying behind her.

However, several other teachers were also outside the school warning parents that day and Parson said she was just doing what she was supposed to:

“This is what we do. This is how teachers are trained. We care for our family. We care for our Rockwall family.”

She also pointed out that there were other staff members who warned her to go into shelter mode in the first place.

Parson later laughed about the fact she was barefoot and wearing a “fake black hairy mustache” that she put on for her students’ party when the mad dash to warn parents started.

Thankfully, it seems everyone at the school made it out okay.

Watch the video below:

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