Driver Chad Cheddar Mock was driving behind a woman’s car at around 11:45 a.m. when he witnessed a shocking incident that was recorded on his dashcam.

FOX 9 reports, Mock was coming around a curvy corner on Minnesota Street in Mankato, Minnesota when a 2-year-old girl flew out the rear left door of her mother’s car on Monday.

Fox 27

The girl, dressed in a pink jacket and grey tights, she was still strapped into her car seat. The child hit the ground hard but miraculously landed on the side of her seat.

Mock immediately jumped out of his car and stopped traffic to run to the toddler’s aid.

In the video, the mother’s car appeared to brake momentarily at a traffic light after her daughter toppled out of the car.

Fox 27

Mock wrote on Facebook:

If it didn’t happen in front of me, I’d never have believed it.

Police say the girl was properly strapped into the seat, but her mother failed to fasten the seat properly.

Watch the video below:

The child’s mother eventually drove back to the scene when she realized her daughter was missing

Luckily, the girl appeared to be safe.

Police Cmdr. Dan Schisel said the child was examined by paramedics and did not sustain any injuries.

According to the Free Press, the mother could face child endangerment charges for not fastening the seat to the car. It’s unclear why the vehicle door unlocked and opened.

KTVB reports, in July two people were arrested in Idaho after a toddler was not properly restrained in a car seat and fell out of a moving vehicle.

The child was rescued even though the driver did not stop his vehicle.

Watch below for seven simple car seat safety tips. 

The video quickly went viral, garnering more than 364,000 views by Tuesday afternoon.

Watch more video below:

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9 Replies to “Camera Catches Toddler Strapped Into Her Car Seat Falling Out of Moving Vehicle. It Wasn’t Fastened Properly”

  • Masterredfox 2 years ago

    Just was discussing this situation in conversation at the laundromat and we all agreed that mother was negligent in fastening down that car seat which was one of those portable versions (not the type that is setup to stay put in the car all the time). A two year old should have been in a regular child car seat not a portable version. I hope that she gets proper counseling on her child care and hope this was a one time problem.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I don’t know because my baby doctor says at that age they should still be in A backwards facing car seat

  • Tessa L Swinney 2 years ago

    Poor mom, poor child. No mother is going to do that on purpose. Accidents happen. Just thank God the child is okay and that the guy was paying attention.

    • Lindsey 2 years ago

      Some actually would. Unfortunately there are bad mothers out there that do horrible things to their children. I can’t understand it

  • Taz 2 years ago

    Accident My Ass. As My father says “there is no such thing as an accident, it is carelessness.” Dumb chick needs her Mommy privileges revoked!!! STAT!!!

    • Emmett 2 years ago

      Accidents are unexpected circumstances. Carelessness is carelessness. There’s a difference. Careless is not fastening the seat properly. Accident is the car door just happening to fall open. How does that even happen? The company of that car should check their vehicles, make sure all the locks are working properly, and put a recall on cars like that that don’t latch. The ‘there are no accidents’ mindset usually has more to do with destiny and not this kind of stuff (meaning maybe this girl was meant to fall out as a wakeup call to the mother to pay more attention. Hopefully not, but I’m not God, and he has some… unique methods of communication).

      • CarolAnn 2 years ago

        Achually at the age of 2 kids see and watch how grownups open things like doors or anything and they learn from what you do the car probably don’t have child safety locks and the toddler switch it from lock to unlock and opened the door a little bit and the wind from the speed of the car caught the door and blew the door opened and she probably thought the whole thing was fastened because she probably took the car seat out to eaither haul something big in her car or the babysitter or family member was taking the little girl for the day/night and needed the seat and when the mom got the toddler back she probably thought she fastened it all the way people stop being judgemental there is plenty of things that could have happened don’t step into something of you don’t know all the information thank you

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    The driver brakes a bit at first with the back door wide open and doesn’t realize that?? No way. Also, a car door does not just “open” accidentally. There is no way that this was an accident.

  • Me 2 years ago

    The child’s mother eventually drove back. Enough said.

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