Children can bring a lot of different qualities into our lives, and one of the best qualities has to be the unintentional humor and entertainment so many of them possess.

Take one of Peter Sowell’s daughters, for example. A few weeks ago, the proud father took to Facebook to share a video of his little girl after she got into her mom’s “expensive” lipstick.

…from The Home Depot!

Posted by Peter Sowell on Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Sowell’s little girl tried to play it off as if the “yip-stick” she was wearing was actually hers and that she purchased the makeup from “Homie Depot.”

The video has been watched more than 13.9 million times and has been shared by nearly 600,000 people.

And while Sowell’s daughter doesn’t quite understand the concept of going viral, her family thinks it’s very cool. Sowell told Dearly:

We live a pretty simple life so we haven’t tried to draw attention to all the attention. She has seen the video a lot but doesn’t understand the term viral. Her older sister and cousins love it though. It has been fun to see how many people enjoy the video.

The dad went on to say that his daughter’s humorous side is often on display:

This is very typical of her. We have three daughters and we are doing our best to raise them as strong females. They all have watched their mom get ready for the day and love the idea of putting on makeup. Typically my wife will give them a brush with “their” makeup on it and they then apply it to their face, in reality, the brush is clean.

But perhaps the most sought-after question was, did the lipstick survive? And as Sowell told Dearly, it did:

The lipstick did survive. She actually put the cap back on it and put it back in my wife’s purse as if she never had gotten into it.

It looks like the world got a laugh and it, thankfully, didn’t cost her mom a pretty penny.

For a captioned version of the video, watch below:

Little Girl Caught Red-'Lipped' After Getting Into Mom's Makeup–But She Swears She Bought It at Home Depot

A big thank you to Peter Sowell and his little girl for giving Dearly permission to share their video! Original link: you would like to read more about Peter and his adorable daughter, click the following link:

Posted by Dearly Presents on Thursday, 19 September 2019

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4 Replies to “Little Girl Caught Red-‘Lipped’ After Getting Into Mom’s Lipstick–But She Swears She Bought It at Home Depot”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    This video made my day, thank you for posting it

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Please know that this little lady make my day every time I look at it I don’t care who you are she make you not think about this stuff in the new at all

  • Melody Yungblut 1 year ago

    I watch this over and over, when I need to feel good. I am a grandma, and have five grandchildren, I am 68 years old, and my grandchildren will shortly have children of their own,. I really want one of those!! She is absolutely the most precious thing. Darling!

  • Rhonda Roland 1 year ago

    I watch and share this video as much as I can. In my house we have all subscribed to Willa’s channel and look forward to Sunday every week so we can get her new video. She is a real little doll and is very much loved in my house.

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