Zara-Anne Borrelli usually shares recipes, beauty products, and slice-of-life stories on her social media. But it was an act of kindness that made her a target.

As Metro reports, Borelli is a vegan blogger who writes about food, beauty, and more at It’s All Zara. A week ago, Borelli came home to find a crying child in her driveway.


The little girl was upset about the fact that she didn’t have money for an ice cream treat. So Borelli stepped in and made the girl’s day. She wrote on Twitter:

Pulled up to my driveway to find a little girl crying, she didn’t have money for the ice cream van like her friends did so I gave her enough money to get herself a nice big ice cream with sauce, sprinkles and a flake. She was so happy (and soon had ice cream round her mouth).

Unfortunately, Borelli’s good deed did not go unpunished. Anthony Dagher, another vegan, called Borelli out on Twitter for giving a non-vegan ice cream treat to the little girl. 

Dagher shared a screenshot of his conversation with Borelli, in which he asked whether the ice cream was vegan and said that giving the girl non-vegan ice cream was “a severe mistake.”

Dagher told Borelli that, while it’s nice to help others, that doesn’t include “basically killing and harming non-human babies, which buying non-vegan ice cream basically does.”

Before blocking him, Borelli told Dagher, “I’m vegan, my mum’s vegan, and my boyfriend is vegan. I’m not about to push the message onto a crying child. Lighten the f**k up.”

However, that wasn’t the end of it. Dagher posted his displeasure on Twitter, and in a multi-tweet rant, urged his vegan followers to contact Borelli and let her know how wrong she was.

However, Dagher didn’t receive the level of support he might have anticipated. Multiple users, both vegan and not, chimed in to defend Borelli and register their disapproval of Dagher’s rigid anti-ice cream stance.

Dagher, however, was undeterred. He tweeted insults back at his critics, telling one, “She helped a child at the expense of non-human babies you illiterate moron. How many times do I have to explain that. You should get a life because I certainly have one, defending the innocent.”

Borelli told Metro that some of Dagher’s followers did track her down on Instagram to criticize her ice cream purchase:

“Him sharing my Instagram link did in fact bring a few nasties that way. That was what hurt the most because I have photos of loved ones on there and a few unkind things were said about them too. One man told me that my partner and I ‘had better not breed’ as we were a disgrace to veganism and that my dog should be taken away from me.”

The blogger has moved on and is back to posting about her favorite meals. But she told Metro that it was a bit of a shock to find herself suddenly attacked for doing something nice:

“I’ve done my best for almost a year to live a vegan lifestyle with as little cruelty as possible and because I was kind to one child I was hunted pretty much. It was terrible.”

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