With the arrival of Valentine’s Day you may be asking yourself, “how did we get here?” and “wasn’t it just Christmas?” Maybe you procrastinated — time can move awfully quickly. But all the denial in the world can’t negate the fact that Valentine’s Day is in just two days.

But fear not, procrastinators, for your guide to quick and easy DIY Valentine’s Day gifts is here! Here are some adorable, thoughtful, budget-friendly, and easy DIY projects to show friends and family you care.

Sewn Heart Card

This card requires a needle, thread, and paper. This card requires some basic sewing skills, but can give your Valentines some extra “oomph.”

Say ‘I Love You’ With Donuts

Marker? Check. Donut Shop? Double Check. That’s about all you need for this project. If you want to add extra details, you can always decorate the box with extra washi tape, puff paint, or ribbon.

Memory Map

You may want to commemorate a special memory or anniversary this Valentine’s Day. Choose some special memories and print out a map of the exact spot you wish to cherish. Visit your local craft store to pick up a frame and some fun scrapbook paper for the background, or make it into an ornament.

“Open When” Letters

This low maintenance and meaningful gift can provide messages of hope, love, and inspiration to your valentine, even when you aren’t present. Write letters for different occasions, such as “when you are having a bad day” or “when you can’t sleep,” or “when you’re feeling bored.” Your special someone can read the message and feel like you are right beside them.

Key Rings

This is an adorable way to let parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles know that the child in their life is thinking of them. If your children have a creative spirit, encourage them to draw their own creations. This is a great Valentine’s Day activity to help kids feel included in family gift-giving.

Sharpie Mug

According to Bren of Bren.Did, this mug project “[requires] no artistic ability. If you can trace and dot you can make these mugs.” She recommends oil-based Sharpies to draw on the mug, then bake the mug for 20 minutes at 350 degrees. Done. Next?

Gifts for the Whole Class

If you want to hand out gifts to a class, these fun and easy treats can be enjoyed at snack time, while making all students feel included and thought of.

Galentine’s Day crafts

Don’t have a significant other in your life? No problem! Celebrate your female friendships this year with Galentine’s Day gifts. Remind your friends that you don’t need a romantic relationship in order to enjoy the holiday. Kelly Mindell of “Studio DIY” has colorful and whimsical printables on her site to create “five-minute” projects to help you celebrate your day of friendship.

Low-key date night

It’s Girl Scout cookie season! Enjoy this limited edition deliciousness, and enjoy a low-key Valentine’s date night with your significant other, by surprising your partner with a Girl Scout cookie and beer tasting. Use the guide provided by “Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine” to pair lagers, IPAs, and ales with your favorite Girl Scout cookies. Society 19 offers additional easy and romantic gifts to show your significant other you are thinking of them.

Framed Photo With Words

For a personalized and meaningful DIY gift, buy a frame and frame mat from your favorite craft store, then scrawl a letter, lyrics, poem, or other writing that’s special to you and your intended recipient.

So despite your busy schedule, or if you’re feeling unsure of what to get for your friends and families this Valentine’s Day, hopefully, these easy crafts will provide some inspiration— and help you show the people most important to you that they are loved.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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