Mikey Hafner, an 11-year-old from New Hampshire, won’t be handing out Valentine’s Day cards to his classmates at school this year. Instead, he may be spending the holiday in a hospital.

The boy’s mom, Rebecca Hafner, said he was diagnosed with autism last year and recently needed to be admitted to a psychiatric facility for some behavioral issues.

That meant he couldn’t spend Valentine’s Day with his friends. She told WMUR:

“He started having some increased behavioral issues, which led us to having to bring him to the hospital.”

She added:

“And I told him I would talk to friends and family, and we would see what we can do about getting him some cards while he was in the hospital.”

Posted by Rebecca Hafner on Friday, February 8, 2019

The mom started a Facebook page called “Valentine’s Day Cards for Mikey” and asked friends and strangers across the internet to send cards for her 11-year-old. She wrote on the page:

Mikey is now proving once again that he can overcome any obstacle he may endure. He is currently at a children’s hospital that specializes in mental health. Before he was transferred, he had a discussion with me about missing Valentine’s day and that he wouldn’t receive any cards. So his one request was to receive cards for Valentine’s day. Mommy will absolutely help with that!

Rebecca said her son was soon “requesting that we get one card from each state.”

Sure enough, valentines started pouring in for the little boy. Rebecca said she’s gotten so many that she may not have enough room to hang them all. She told WMUR:

“I was planning on taking the cards and hanging them on his bedroom wall, so when he came home, it was just a whole room, a whole setup of love and encouragement and support. And I don’t think I’m going to have enough room now.”

Posted by Rebecca Hafner on Friday, February 8, 2019

On Thursday, the mom wrote an update that said her son may get out on Valentine’s Day after all but that nothing was for certain. It read:


Yesterday, Mikey’s LOA was a trial run to see if he was safe to be home and in the community again! He did very good. So there may be a possibility Mikey could get discharged TODAY!!!! I’m just waiting for the call after their rounds this morning.

Please keep Mikey in your thoughts today! How amazing would it be for him to be able to come home on Valentine’s day?

There’s no further word whether or not Mikey will get to head home for the holiday. But regardless, he’ll have no shortage of cards to celebrate.

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3 Replies to “Valentine’s Day Cards Pour In for Boy With Autism Who Couldn’t Get Them Due to Hospitalization”

  • Barbara Davila 2 years ago

    She perpetuated thevmythvthat autistic peopkecwre nentally I’ll. I have an autistic grandson. He most certainly isn’t. Her son probably isn’t either. Jesus.

  • Barbara Davila 2 years ago

    I posted a comment that was wildly misspelled. I think the emotion I felt overcame me. So this is better: this woman perpetuates the myth that autistic people are mentally ill. My autistic grandson most certainly isn’t. I doubt her son is. He’s just different and she can’t stand it.She needs to distance herself from something she doesn’t understand and this is how she does it.

  • Ashley 2 years ago

    You should probably not comment or trash the mother when you don’t know the whole story. She never said he was having problems because he was diagnosed with autism. Just that he was diagnosed with autism but still having these other behaviors. Stop judging based on your experience with your child. You don’t know her or her child.

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