Val Kilmer melted millions of hearts when he played the role of Iceman — the confident and cool Navy pilot in the 1986 hit film “Top Gun.”

But aside from his big ego and seemingly infallible pilot skills, Kilmer’s looks garnered a huge female following.

Suffice it to say, Kilmer was a looker.

Almost 10 years later, Kilmer graced fans with his presence again in the 1996 film “Batman Forever”:

Although he’s continued to act throughout the years, those iconic performances have earned the 57-year-old life-long admirers.

His good looks have continued to capture people’s hearts over his entire career.

Joe Klamar/Getty Images

But when the star posted a selfie of himself on Tuesday, fans were shocked by his appearance.

His caption read, in part:

“Still got it…”

However, people seemed to disagree that the actor “still has it”:

Many cited, at the very least, his extreme weight loss:

But most fans referenced an on-going rumor about his declining health:

Since January 2015, rumors have surrounded Kilmer, alleging that after he was taken to the hospital for a “possible tumor” he was diagnosed with cancer:


In fact, even fellow actor Michael Douglas wished him well after revealing Kilmer was “dealing with exactly” what Douglas had (oral cancer), according to People.

And fans commented on Kilmer’s rumored illness, believing that’s the cause for his drastic change in appearance:


However, Kilmer has steadfastly denied having oral, or any other kind of, cancer since the initial rumors.

And some fans — believing he has cancer or not — took to Kilmer’s post and defended his surprising looks:


Some people even thought that Kilmer is still just as dreamy looking as 30 years ago:


While reports continue to circulate around Kilmer’s health conditions, citing his slurred speech, a possible tracheostomy tube, and weight loss, there’s no word yet on if he’ll be back in formation with his wingman co-star, Tom Cruise, in the upcoming “Top Gun” sequel.

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