When one mom made a rather big purchase off the internet, she left a note to the person delivering the package.

As CafeMom reports, Alexis Thomas went a little crazy on Amazon Prime Day. She told the outlet that as the packages started rolling in, her “husband joked that I was out of control.”

As Thomas admits, she’s a pretty avid user of Amazon:

“My husband just got back from a yearlong tour overseas. And I gave birth in December to a VERY colicky baby, so my online shopping was so crazy.”

So in an effort to conceal just how much she purchased over the two days, Thomas left a note for the delivery person. She told CafeMom that she “updated my account to [ask to] hide them from my husband!”

However, because the package that was being delivered was pretty large, the UPS delivery driver didn’t really have a lot of options. So, the driver did the best they could and left a note of their own.

As the pictures Thomas shared on Facebook show, UPS did what was asked of them by hiding the package under the front door doormat.

UPS this is not what I meant lol

Posted by Alexis Thomas on Thursday, July 25, 2019

They then wrote in a note of their own:

I hid your packages from your husband. They are under the rug.

Thomas told CafeMom that when she saw where the mini-fridge was hidden, she had herself a good laugh:

“Oh my gosh, I had forgotten that I even ordered the damn thing! When I got an email with proof of delivery, I was like ‘Oh OK.’ So I walk out to the front door and was so dumbfounded at first. Then I saw the note and I was uncontrollably laughing.”

The mom of two also admitted that she doesn’t often hide her purchases from her husband, but she was shocked to see her humorous post go viral with more than 44,000 shares.

But perhaps the best part of the story is UPS’ response to Thomas’s Facebook post. The delivery service wrote:

We’re not sure what package you’re talking about? All we see is a perfectly normal rug. ?? #WeTriedOurBest

And so for the moral of this story, just own the purchases that you’ve made, but if you don’t want to, UPS will have your back…kind of.

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