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For the first two years of Adrian Jones’s tragically short life, he lived with his biological mother in Lawrence, Kansas, The Washington Post reported.

But in 2012, the baby was found home unsupervised. So, the Kansas Department for Children and Families subsequently transferred Jones to the care of his father and his stepmother — a move that a family attorney now calls “a death warrant.”

Little did officials know, they were handing over young Jones to the agents of his own demise.

Once Adrian was placed in the care of his father, Michael Jones, he became victim to continued gruesome displays of physical abuse and psychological torment, KSHB reported.

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Both adults painstakingly documented Adrian’s every move via multiple security cameras, court documents report, every moment of their torture caught on tape.

Footage shows the 7-year-old blindfolded and strapped to a table.

Handout/Daily Mail

The Kansas City Star reported that other images show Adrian bloodied and bruised, with swollen hands and rotten teeth.

Other footage shows Adrian bound by his hands:

Adrian’s grandmother, Judy Conway, told the Kansas City Star that the footage was “the most horrific thing I have ever seen.”

But the most disturbing part of Adrian’s entire life might be the way it ended. Documents reveal that young boy spent his final hours trapped inside a shower stall and left to die.

A child in the house told investigators he heard Adrian’s harrowing final words:

“I’m going to die.”

Heather Jones, Adrian’s stepmother, responded: “Suck it up.”

Even more horrifying, once he had died from apparent starvation, his body was fed to pigs.

Authorities found his remains in a livestock pen on the Jones’s family property on Nov. 20, 2015.

Stuart Littlefield, a detective on the case, recounted the horror to the Star:

“Imagine the screams of a 7-year-old boy. Twenty seconds is a very long time when you’re in agony.”

Now, members of Adrian’s biological family are demanding justice.

His mother, maternal grandmother, and eldest sister are teaming up to hit both Kansas and Missouri with a wrongful-death lawsuit this week, the Post reports.

Documents from that lawsuit claim that both states neglected to appropriately respond to “seemingly endless series of reports and hotline calls” to social services about Adrian’s garish mistreatment.

The family’s lawyer, Michaela Shelton, wrote:

Despite all the warning signs, the hotline calls, and the evidence of the child’s mistreatment, they effectively allowed his father and stepmother to continue to abuse, torture, and ultimately murder the little boy, while they stood idly by, writing it all down.

The state’s answer to the salvo of complaints? According to Shelton, a written agreement between the parents and the state to stop abusing their child. Shelton argues that the arrangement was flimsy at best, “the legal equivalent of a ‘pinky swear.'”

Screenshot/Wyadonette County Jail

The family is asking for $25,000 in damages — a small price to pay for the loss.

Michael and Heather Jones both pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and will be eligible for parole in 25 years.

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