On November 16, Missouri police responded to a call from an unlicensed daycare operator who said a 3-month-old was in apparent cardiac arrest.

Authorities said the child was cold to the touch when they arrived and had “blue lips.” She was transported a nearby hospital where she later died, KMOV reports.

The police report states that the owner was acting “hysterical” and had the smell of alcohol on her breath.

The 39-year-old initially told police that there was one other child in the home. But soon, they’d make a disturbing find.

According to the St. Louis Dispatch, police located a child on the second floor of the building. The child had been placed in a playpen that was covered with a blanket and heavy shelving.

The materials were intended to “keep the child from escaping.”

The owner then confessed there was another child upstairs, who officers found shut inside a closet under hanging clothes.

She then admitted there was another child located in the basement of the home. That child was also trapped inside a playpen that had heavy objects stacked on top.

Officers located another child who had another child trapped inside a playpen in another basement room where lights had been turned off or weren’t working.

Thankfully, no injuries to the other children were reported.

The owner told the Post-Dispatch that she has decided to close the daycare and move.

She denies putting children in “cages” as police characterized, but said she did make sure they couldn’t get out unless she wanted them to.

The owner admitted to drinking the night before the 3-month-old died, which she doesn’t usually do because it’s against her Mormon values.

No charges have been filed against the daycare owner, but the investigation is still ongoing.

Many states have websites available to find licensed daycare centers. Parents are encouraged to check for a license before enrolling their children.

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