The uncle of an infant who was killed by his father assaulted the convicted killer in court.

During Kwin Boes’ sentencing hearing on July 3 at Gibson County Courthouse, a man — who was later identified as the baby’s uncle — lunged at Boes. He threw him into a wall and managed to land a punch before officers pulled him off.

According to WAVE 3, the attack came just after 23-year-old Boes was sentenced to 20 years in prison and 5 years on probation for admitting to killing his 3-month-old son, Parker, in May 2018.

That sentence could be lessened for “good behavior.”

As WAVE 3 reports, the admission came after he agreed to a plea deal, which prevented a trial from taking place:

The agreement dismissed two level 1 felony charges in exchange for pleading guilty to a level 2 felony charge of domestic battery resulting in death.

Chief Deputy Prosecutor Abigail Brown-Cox told WAVE 3 that they feel good about the plea deal and the outcome:

“It’s an infant, and it’s hard to deal with that you just have to cope with it as best you can. I can’t imagine what they’ve been going through really, without going through it myself.”

The uncle, Jeremiah Hartley, now faces assault charges.

According to the Princeton Daily Clarion, Bose was first arrested in connection with his son’s passing on May 14, 2018. Bose was watching his son on May 3 after the infant’s mother dropped the boy off at his house.

Shortly after dropping Parker off, the mother said she received a call from Bose crying. He told her that it sounded like their son was gasping for air and his body was limp.

He originally told police he believed his son had rolled out of his Boppy pillow and off the couch when he struck his head.

Parker’s cause of death was blunt force head trauma.

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