A 10-year-old girl from India began experiencing pains in her abdomen and her stomach began to swell, so her parents took her to the hospital.

An examination revealed that the 10-year-old was six months pregnant. The news rattled the unsuspecting parents.

According to the BBC, prior to becoming pregnant, the child was allegedly raped by her uncle. Her parents reportedly had no idea their child was being abused by a family member; they had been “struggling to deal” with the information ever since.

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Pratibha Kumari, the policewoman assigned to the case, told the media:

“Her mother has never talked to me without crying. The father says he feels like his daughter has been murdered.”

Her uncle was arrested and admitted to authorities that he did assault the little girl. However, he is yet to make a public statement. The girl’s father called for his death:

“I want him to be severely punished. He should get the death penalty or be locked away for the rest of his life in prison. He has admitted to the crime. But he has never said sorry to us.”

Instead of telling the child she was pregnant, the parents told her that she “had a big stone in her stomach,” according to the BBC.

At first, the little girl reportedly loved the extra attention she was receiving, but soon grew to understand that something more serious was happening.

In India, where the family lives, a law that was enacted in 1970 prohibits females from having an abortion after 20 weeks. It also states that a late-term abortion can be administered if a doctor deems the mother’s life to be in danger.

As the daughter was more than 20 weeks along, she was prohibited from having an abortion.

The parents took their daughter’s case to India’s supreme court.

According to The Independent, medical professionals stated that giving birth to a baby before the age of 15 can result in life-threatening complications, including “anaemia, high blood pressure and hemorrhaging.”

The family’s request to have an abortion was denied after a panel of doctors agreed that an abortion was “too risky.”

The child gave birth to the baby in late August with only minor complications, and the infant is being put up for adoption, as the girl’s parents claimed that they want nothing to do with it.

However, the results of the baby’s DNA test has Indian authorities reopening the case. Despite the uncle being imprisoned and admitting to abusing the little girl, the baby’s DNA did not match his.

This information has the authorities wondering who else abused the child.

An official involved in the case told the BBC:

“So far no one had thought of any other possibility. The girl had testified to the court on video conferencing and in her statement, she had very clearly named the uncle and revealed facts about her abuse.”

According to the BBC, more than 10,000 children in India were raped in 2015.

In the U.S., according to the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network, a child is sexually abused every eight minutes. Sixty-six percent of those victims are between the ages of 12 and 17, while 34 percent are under age 12.

On Tuesday, authorities went back to talk with the 10-year-old in hopes of gathering more information. Her parents say they have no idea who else could have possibly abused their daughter.

No other suspects have been named at this time.

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