“Teen Mom OG” star Tyler Baltierra is opening up about his decision to separate from wife Catelynn Baltierra during her “rainbow baby” pregnancy.

Their plan to separate was revealed on the show last month, Dearly previously reported.

Baltierra proposed that they spend 30 days apart amid increasing marriage problems. He thought the move would be good for their mental health.

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His wife didn’t take the suggestion too well, as she would be left alone while pregnant and caring for their 3-year-old, Novalee.

But now, Baltierra says that the separation went well and that they weren’t really that “separate” after all. He explained the situation in a series of tweets.

The reality star said that he was only a few minutes away from his wife and daughter during the 30 days and still saw each other often.

He tweeted:

The 30 days wasn’t even a total isolated “separation”. I was 8 min down the road & we had dinner dates, family movie nights, went on a mini vacation & it was EXACTLY what we needed for US! People can hate on me all day but my self assurance is not reliant on society’s acceptance

The father also responded to the backlash that he went to stay in their newly constructed home while Catelynn and Novalee stayed at their old house.

Baltierra said he stayed “on an air mattress in the middle of construction to get it completely ready for Cate & Nova.”

He then went back to the old house and they went to the new one because he couldn’t “let my girls live in chaos.”

And when one fan called Baltierra a “scum bag” for leaving Catelynn, he had a heartfelt response.

He tweeted:

You’re absolutely right…I don’t deserve Cate & trust me, karma has bitten me many times before, so I’m well equipped when she comes knocking again!

Baltierra said that they are not looking to get a divorce any time soon.

And thankfully, the couple has been reunited and are prepping to welcome their baby girl to the world. Their bundle of joy is due in March.

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