Kristen Leigh O’Conner and June Schweinhart met in a drug rehabilitation facility earlier this year.

According to WPBF, 28-year-old O’Conner and 29-year-old Schweinhart quickly became friends after bonding over the fact that they were both pregnant and shared the same due date.

Boynton Beach Police/Facebook

The friendship remained even after the moms-to-be left rehab. Their respective children were born just four days apart.

Sadly, O’Conner and Schweinhart now share another bond.

As WPBF reported, the friends were out together on October 5, when authorities responded to a call of two unresponsive women in a vehicle with infants, ages 1 to 2 months, who were crying in the backseat.

Paramedics and police officers arrived to find both O’Conner and Schweinhart had relapsed at the same time, overdosing on heroin.

Video captured by one of the responding police officer’s bodycams showed a Good Samaritan attending to the infants while waiting for first responders to arrive and later, the same officer shown trying to give one of the infants a pacifier to help him or her calm down.

According to WPBF:

“O’Conner told investigators she picked up Schweinhart and they bought $60 worth of heroin from her old drug dealer. The women snorted the drug and then overdosed.”

Both of the women were booked into a local jail and charged with child neglect.

The infants were reportedly sent to live with each woman’s respective family members.

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