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Note: this article contains graphic content.

On Tuesday evening, a group of Baltimore police officers were having a low-key retirement party for their colleague, David Neral, a Precinct 2 officer who had been with the force since 1988.

Their venue of choice was Monaghan’s Pub, a bar conveniently located just across the street from the precinct station.

But instead of a calm, uneventful night while off duty, the officers wound up protecting their community once again in a high-stress situation.

According to The Baltimore Sun, around 5:30 p.m., two masked, armed men held up a register at the carryout counter and demanded that all the cash be handed over.

What happened next is what any robber could expect, stealing from a police hot spot.

The Baltimore Sun reported that several officers engaged in a foot chase with the men, quickly restraining them and, of course, arresting them.

Things got a bit ugly.

Baltimore County Police Department

The two men, identified as 21-year-old Joseph McInnis III and 22-year-old Tyree McCoy, were charged with armed robbery, theft, and related offenses, according to reports.

Baltimore County Police Department

According to the bar’s owner, Jack Milani, the fact that anyone would rob his place — which is known to be frequented by police — just didn’t make sense. He also told the Sun that because of its proximity to the precinct, squad cars are constantly in and out of its parking lot:

“It’s kind of odd you would even attempt it. [Officers] are always in here. There was a decent amount of them.”

Thankfully for Milani, there was a group of alert officers standing by during the terrifying experience.

As for retiring officer Neral, Milani said he’s a pillar of the community:

“He’s worked in this community as long as I can remember.”

Though it might not have been an ideal retirement bash, it sure was appropriate considering Neral’s been on the job for 30 years. What’s one more night?

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