Two men came together to correct another man’s wrong after he urinated on a memorial in a New Jersey park.

As ABC4 reports, a video reportedly filmed by Daniel Flippen shows Bryan Bellace urinating on the memorial of 9-year-old Christian Clopp at Underhill Park in Mays Landing.

Christian died of brain cancer five years ago.

Upon seeing the video, locals Paul Burgan and Desmond Walker decided to take action. They grabbed some gloves and sanitizer before visiting the park to clean Christian’s memorial.

In a Facebook post, he wrote:

Today myself and Coach Desmond heard about a horrible situation that happened at our Mays Landing Lakers Youth Sports Facility playground area. A man I won’t say his name because he doesn’t deserve recognition at least in my eyes doesn’t deserve recognition urinated on a young boy Christian Thomas Clopps Memorial.

When Coach Desmond first heard about this story and contacted me we were both so disgusted by what we read and heard we felt we needed to go down to this memorial clean it up and disinfect it. We did not make this post for publicity but we made this post to let people know that this is our community and we don’t condone to this type of sickening act. To the Clopp family we support you, we are here for you, and if we can prevent it we will never let something like this happen again on our watch.

ABC4 reports that it did not take the pair long to clean up the mess. Further, the good Samaritans said they did the act to show the Clopp family that the “disgusting act” doesn’t reflect the entire community.

Burgan told ABC4:

“We come together. This is our community. When stuff like this happens, we come together. We take care of what needs to be done.”

Mark Clopp, Christian’s father, posted a thank you note on Facebook to the community for its support.

He added:

Those who went to clean the playground: You are the glue that holds this community together. Your actions were kind, thoughtful and selfless. You are the example of “loving thy neighbor.” Thank God we have role models like you!

Police have charged Bellace and Flippen, both 23, regarding the incident. According to NBC Philadelphia, Bellace faces charges of disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, lewdness, and having an open alcoholic beverage in a park. Further, officials charged Flippen for having an open alcoholic beverage in a park.

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One Reply to “Two Local Men Clean the Memorial of a 9-Year-Old Boy Who Died of Cancer After Video Shows Someone Peeing on It”

  • Kim 2 years ago

    Wonderful men who went to go help. What kinda vile human urinates on a child memorial?

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